Thursday, July 24

Sonnenzimmer Me!

One of my favorite new discoveries at this year's Renegade Craft Fair was the artwork of Chicago-based Sonnenzimmer. Sonnenzimmer is the joint venture of artists Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi's creative endeavors. Their studio is located on the North side of Chicago, in a neighborhood called, Roscoe Village, where they "work, paint, print, talk, laugh, digest lentils, risk an ollie on linoleum, hang out with friends and welcome visitors".

I purchased one of their poster prints for the band The Sea and Cake, which just got published in the newest Print Magazine issue. I have it out being properly soon as it's ready I will share it! In the meantime, here's a look at more of their beautiful work. They also proudly present the Sonnenzimmer Art Print Series: their motto: Done by artists, run by artists! They've collaborates and printed the work of other artists, and you can purchase these Sonnenzimmer prints online on their website, here. If you're in the Chicago area, mark your calenders! Sunday, September 7th, Sonnenzimmer will have a huge poster and art blow out, to clean out some of their flat file space. All posters will be 5 bucks, and live music is promised!

Work from Anders Nilson.


diana fayt said...

they were at the top of my list of favs at renegade sf.

D said...

I love your new Sea and Cake print! I didn't see it on their website, but I hope it's available soon. Their stuff is fab.

Inklore said...

I agree. I saw their work at Renegade as well..definitely one of the best of the day!