Monday, July 28

Sunday in the City.

It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday here in the city, but Sunday was cold and gray. So, I cruised around hunting for photo opportunities, and then hit the Alemany Flea Market in search of some cheap treasures. It's always a little hit and miss, and I'm afraid today was a big miss. I didn't capture anything special there, except maybe some fun photographs.


Mexican Dishes.

Happy Place.

Cheap Ride.

Old 45's.


curious girl (lisa) said...

can I tell you again how much I love, love, love sunday in the city?

Anonymous said...

I had such a city sunday yesterday. Slept in, bagels from corner cafe, walk around mission dolores, to chinatown for treats, north beach for lunch, then home to snuggle under a blanket on the couch. mmmm city sundays.

ELK said...


Anonymous said...

I adore these Sunday in the city posts. I miss the city so very much, especially on a Sunday.