Thursday, July 31

Uptown Girl.

I first read about Uptown Country on design*sponge a few weeks ago, and I fell in love with the beautiful line of pillows and bedding they carry from Pine Cone Hill. Pine Cone Hill products have lots of really feminine, yet brightly colored fabrics and patterns, and can modernize and update a real country look and give it a fresh, more contemporary palette.

Uptown Country's concept was born out of the owner's desire to take the cozy cottage style and blend it with the uptown classy tastes of today. The shop carries unique vintage finds and one of a kind treasures, as well as loads of great new products, like the Pine Cone Hill line you see here.

*Photos courtesy of design*sponge and Uptown Country blog.


Tracey said...

Beautiful linens- too pretty to use!

Anonymous said...

UC is also my go-to place for Dash & Albert Rugs (I think Pine Cone Hill and D&A are the same company or related somehow?) which have become a staple for me in work and at home.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oooh love this. color therapy. I want that lime and pink pillow for my office.

Anonymous said...

I am a Pine Cone Hill fan. I have a pair of PJs that I wish were slip covers.