Thursday, August 21

Friends & Neighbors: Design For Mankind.

Ooooh! Erin over at the fabulous blog, Design for Mankind, posted about artist Ky Anderson and I instantly swooned! So I went on over and checked out more of Ky's work - just lovely! It reminds me a bit of Chris Johanson, another favorite of mine. If you haven't checked out Erin's blog, you should - she puts out an inspiring Zine regularly that you can download and collect! Thanks for a wonderful find, Erin. For more of Ky Anderson's work, check out her blog, or you can also shop for her work at The Beholder.


/// said...

You are a dear, Victoria! And isn't Ky just fantastic!?!

Jules Madden said...

This work is just lovely. Awesome. The colours... the texture... right up my alley. Love your blog :)

ArchitecturalBlack said...

Did you get Ky Anderson's print at It is still available for only $20!!