Thursday, August 14

A Passion For Pink.

Exotic Console from {kay*}.

I can't help myself, I like pink. Not tons of it, mind you, but some happy splashes here and there really add a lot of warmth to a room. I think it also lends a certain cosmopolitan, or ethnic flair to a room. Moroccan, Latin or French decor very often incorporate a bit of pink in their color schemes. I went on a hunt for some blushing inspiration, so here's a look at pink.

Pretty paper lanterns brighten up a simply lovely room from design.Zö.

Dining al fresco from MissKittyKat;
and pink wallpaper brighten up ATLITW's cute kitchen.

Pinklovesbrown's pretty subtle pinks;
and pretty pink sheets from sweetjessie.

One of my former living room incarnations;
and pretty vintage china from nbklx17 / Sandy.

Square one studio's pretty pink powder room;
and lush bella's sweet corner table.

Miss Pompon's patchwork pillows;
and ken mccown's retro cool pendant lamps.

Hippyxic's cute stools and charming dining toom cushions.


Orange Pattern said...

Pink is fun. In small doses. And don't be scared - pair it with red!

(But it's still not as nice as orange...)

Kirsten said...

All of this pink eye candy is FABULOUS!!!! You picked some great photos. Im in love with pink today:)

SimplyGrove said...


april said...

that white room with the pink lanterns is so gorgeous! I wish I had that kind of restraint, but my house looks like a circus clown exploded!

Anonymous said...

deliciousss photos, so much great ideas and decor and inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love pink! But I'm not sure my boyfriend agrees...

Anonymous said...

What's that Diana Vreeland quote: "Pink - it's the navy blue of India" - I love it too and I love these images. Very inspiring as always.
x Nan

sfgirlbybay said...

thanks guys! pink rules! :)

and i love that quote, nan!!

Erin Alaska said...

i never realized how much i loved pink until this post. i used to think it was to girly for me, but these ideas are just too yummy for words. i just love your blog. keep it up girly*girl.

Anonymous said...

I've had a nasty pink addiction since girlhood. They say it's girly and shallow and I agree. I just can't help myself.

MELI. said...

im not a huge fan of pink any longer, unless I mix it with yellows oranges and reds, which I do often. But im madly in love with that design zö bed frame image. divine and oh so inviting <3

Jessie said...

I was just scrolling through and thought, Hey - That room looks familiar! Thanks for including me in your lovely pink round-up!

Anonymous said...

i love hits of pink in interiors - thanks for including one of my fave pink rooms (that i found via living etc. i think)


Amanda said...

i love the white room with the lanterns, unfortunately, i don't have the willpower..or the space. beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Am de-lurking here after years of shameful lurking to thank you for including my Pepto-Bismol pink bathroom in this post. There has been much debate in my small-town community of friends about how fast I should change that color out of my first new home.

Your list of wonderful pink things (here I want to give a shout out to XTC for their provocative song by the same name) lends ammunition to the argument that I should keep the pink bathroom and undertake more pressing renovations.