Thursday, August 7

Poof! Some Magical Photography.

I really enjoy the work of New York-based photographer PoofNY! Anne Kristoff's gritty photographs are a bit like a road trip across the countryside, documenting the most unusual of landmarks. You can find Anne's beautiful prints for sale in her PoofNY! etsy shop, and view more of her work on her very prolific flickr photostream. You can also read more about Anne's work in the über-hip publication Cool'eh in September.


Anonymous said...

These are great---I really love that pig!

I wondered if you had seen this tiny streetcar planter on etsy? It reminded me of you.

Thanks for you great blog. I don't comment much, but pop by almost every day. :)

Anonymous said...

woops! this streetcar:

sfgirlbybay said...

I love that pig, too!

And Jane -yes, I had a little streetcar just like that for awhile...i think it holds toothpicks. :)