Wednesday, September 10

Restless Things.

I just love Restless Things...U.K. based artist Olivia Jeffries' lovely etsy shop. Olivia's work is strongly influenced by her fascination for used paper; she thrives working on a surface that have already been given a sense of purpose in a previous incarnation. Recycled letters, books or journals, for example are detached from their original role and are combined with imagery drawn from unexpected perceptions of beauty.

Olivia creates mixed media drawings from her home studio in Norwich, United Kingdom. She graduated in 2000 with a BA in Printmaking and Photomedia from Norwich School of Art and Design. For more about Olivia's upcoming shows and new work, visit her website newsletter, her blog sweet as a loon bird, and to shop for her work, visit Restless Things on etsy.


genuinelygreen said...

They're beautiful, and dare I say a bit haunting at times. It's an interesting mix.

Anonymous said...

How lovely! The use of different textures and recycled materials give the artwork such intriguing depth.

carolina bleu said...


vantiani said...

Oh so kewl!
Thanks for sharing!