Monday, September 29

Save The Date: Camilla Engman Calendar.

I received an email from Twig this morning, with some exciting news! The new 2009 Camilla Engman Calendar is available for pre-order (arriving in early October) in the Twig shop. I love Camilla's artwork, and look forward to keeping track of my busy days with her artwork gracing my walls. And, I'll bet as the months pass by, the beautiful images might be suitable for framing afterwards.


Topsy Turvy said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I tried to order one last year but they were out! So I will rush over to order now!


littlebrownpen said...

That's lovely. I find it funny to have a save the date for a calender (so much word play in there!). But in the case of Camilla, it's necessary!

Julia said...

I love these images! WOW! Thanks for the heads up!