Wednesday, September 3

What's Cookin' Good Looking?

From Daily Bungalow.

Y'all seemed to enjoy my post on my kitchen makeover last week, so I thought I'd share some more kitchen inspiration. Everybody loves a great kitchen - just like a party, where everyone seems to always congregate in the kitchen, no matter how big or small. It's where it all happens, or perhaps it's just a comfort zone for us all, and reminds us of good times at home. Or not, maybe it's just all those great smells and good eats! Here's an eclectic group of great kitchens...

Bundt Pans look so great from hownowdesign;
and urban chic from m.bibelot.

Adorable kitchen nook from elliescorner.

Modern love from juliannmarie.

Clean white style from Chez Larsson.

Navy & White looks really great from Pepper&Gretta.

Wallpapered cabinet panels look great from beezypeezy.

Red, white & blue collections from Saídos da Conchas.

Kitschy vintage collections from One Sweet Peach;
and more vintage love from Amanda Woodward.


Julie said...

I love peeking into other people's kitchens - thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

You are are right every body tends to go to the kitchen, I have had an open plan kitchen for 20 years and still love it!!

Sarah said...

I adore the bundt cake pans on the walls. The dark blue kitchen is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What I like about all these kitchens is that they have personality! (Love the bundts.) I'm sick and tired of walking into a remodeled kitchen...they are all the same...same stainless steel appliances, granite counters, etc.

SimplyGrove said...

Thanks for sharing all of these great kitchens! I'm doing a giveaway on my blog and would love for you to enter if you have a moment:)

rocio said...

These are all gorgeous! I'm moving soon, thanks for all the inspiration, I can't wait to get to decorating!