Monday, October 13

Flickr Curator: Orangette.

This week's Flickr Curator is Molly of the beautiful Seattle-based food blog Orangette. Molly was surprised to notice how much light, water, and open space there was to be found in her current collection of favorite images, and I would have to agree - what a lovely set! If you've never checked out Orangette before, it's full of gorgeous food photography and some amazing recipes, as well. It makes me hungry just looking at it!

Here's what Molly had to say about her inspiring selections: "It's so interesting for me to look at these images as a group, because when I chose them as favorites, each choice was made separately, in isolation, without a lot of serious thought. Of course, now that I see them this way, I can't get over how much they have in common. The first thing I notice is the light. Loads and loads of it. Apparently, I've been sort of obsessed with light lately - and, to a lesser degree, with water. I had never put a name to it that way, but it makes sense. I don't think anything moves me as much as light does. Beautiful light, especially in the late afternoon, makes me almost unreasonably happy. It kind of makes my heart hurt, as though it were too big for my chest. In fact, that's why I started shooting with a film camera a few months ago: because I love the way film responds to light. The photographs that inspire me are, most often, the ones that capture a certain glow, a cast of light that I wish I could carry around with me all the time."

Photo credits (to see any of these images larger, click on each link): 1. sandra juto 2. one blue wren 3. moxiee 4. hanne:: 5. sandra juto 6. clumsy bird 7. haeshu 8. moxiee 9. the mayfly 10. //fine little day// 11. haeshu 12. Mary... 13. Leah | salome_st_john 14. haeshu 15. danske 16. clumsy bird 17. haeshu 18. katez0r 19. lottie* 20. Curious Bird 21. Curious Bird 22. rebeccamissing 23. keksofant 24. Matt?! 25. haeshu 26. Jördis! 27. Jördis! 28. mav | port2port 29. emiliebjork 30. emiliebjor 31. haeshu 32. Jördis! 33. danske 34. Camilla Engman 35. clumsy bird 36. danske.


A Day That Is Dessert said...

gorgeous collection of images...and yay Seattle! Lecia

Anonymous said...

amazing photos!

manymuses said...

Ooh! I want to play too!