Thursday, October 9

Flickr Curator: Sandra Juto.

This week's Flickr Curator is one of my favorite artists, Sandra Juto, or perhaps you may know her as Smosch. Sandra is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and loves images and yarn. You can see her beautiful and unique artwork, and her Smosch softies in her shop, as well as in her online portfolio. I find Sandra so incredibly talented and am really honored to share her flickr faves with you.

I asked Sandra why she believes she selected these particular photographs as favorites: "My favorites are always images that put a smile on my face when seeing them for the first time. Many of my recent favorites are pictures of some work I've done because I'm so happy and grateful to see them all over the world."

Photo credits (to see any of these images larger, click on each link): 1. haeshu 2. chagabras 3. sk8ordiehard 4. simply photo 5. frausieben 6. haeshu 7. Molly | Orangette 8. nicole | the habit of being 9. Camilla Engman 10. Marie Ek 11. ijklee 12. ijklee 13. ijklee 14. wikstenmade 15. perfectbound 16. marthasnail 17. haeshu 18. mi*lumia 19. + |-_-| ZzZzZZzZZZzzz... 20. copyright depuis 1965 21. shash 22. lottie* 23. snailbooty 24. sannah kvist 25. famapa 26. snailbooty 27. famapa 28. vaniljus 29. chrrristine 30. gooseflesh 31. BisyBackson 32. nikko moy 33. Camilla Engman 34. joão drumond 35. 36. //fine little day//.


Julia said...

There are so many charming photos in this collection! Thank you so much for sharing them all with us!

sarahelizabeth said...

WOW, great images!!!

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lovely textiles said...

I love this flickr curator theme, am going to really enjoy going through all of them (only just found it) and then probably attempt a tidy up of my own favourites (if I ever get time). thanks