Friday, October 31

"GHOST" BLOGGER: Uncle Beefy from The Bedlam of Beefy

How do, Kids! Well, all of us Guest Bloggers are winding down and readying up to welcome back, Miss Victoria! ("Welcome Home, SF Girl!") Thanks for hangin' with all of us in Victoria's absence. I think you've made us all feel pretty darn welcome at "the Bay"! Hope to see you around the Bedlam! But until then, your Uncle bids you all a very "Happy Halloween!"

A French, high-style Halloween costuming collection from Colette.

As usual, John Derian still stays stylish even when sinister.

Black skull candle from Matter and goblets from Plum Party.

All the makings for setting a glamorously ghostly scene at UMA.

"Happy Halloween, Boils & Ghouls!"


Michael said...

ha! "ghost" blogger!


Jessica said...

what a lovely roundup!


tula said...

gorgeous finds! love 'em!

Uncle Beefy said...

michael...thanks! Glad you like the lamo humor! ;) (Love your blog!)

jessica...Well, thanks so much! I'm gonna have to pop over to your blog right now! :)

tula...right back atcha! You're a lovely find! :)

Thanks for all the comment love, Kids! Much appreciated! Always! :)

SHILL said...

eye candy for halloween i see... you're so ghost bloggin' uncle beefy! the colette way of wearing a costume is awesome!

Trin said...

Great stuff! I love Matter; that skull is excellent..

Carolina Eclectic said...

Hello, UB! Great post.

A Touch of Happiness said...

Argh scary mirror - and candles for that matter too!

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!