Thursday, October 30

GUEST BLOGGER: Derek & Lauren from the Curiosity Shoppe

Well, it’s been a real treat to be one of Victoria’s guest bloggers these past few weeks. Thanks so much for inviting us Victoria, and thank all of you for taking the time to read our little posts! For our final guest installment we’re going to stick to our hometown theme and share a few thoughts about one of our favorite San Francisco icons. No, it’s not a bridge, or a park, or a cable car…it’s a man. A very fat English man: Mr. Alfred Hitchcock.

As many of you know, Hitchcock filmed a number of movies here in our fine city by the Bay, including perhaps two of his most famous masterpieces, The Birds and Vertigo. Our home and Shoppe are just a few blocks away from Mission Dolores, which means hardly a day goes by when we don’t think of Kim Novak slipping through the cemetery gates to visit that mysterious grave…

Though the majority of the film takes place just north of us in beautiful Bodega Bay, The Birds features some great shots of San Francisco, especially early on in the film when Tippi Hedren visits a delightful pet store to purchase some, uh…birds. (Foreshadowing, anyone?)

Ok, ok, we know this wasn’t filmed in San Francisco, but we can’t help mentioning our favorite Hitchcock movie of all time, North By Northwest. We love this movie so much that it inspired our honeymoon trip to Mount Rushmore.

Speaking of North By Northwest…for all of you Bay Area readers, the gorgeous Paramount Theater in Oakland will be showing this amazing classic on Friday, November 7th on the big, big screen. And tickets are only $5!! We’d pay twice that much just to walk around in that art deco masterpiece.

We’ll see you there!!!


Anonymous said...

I wish I were there! My dad raised me on classic movies. Nice post!

c*liz said...

thanks for the heads-up! I'll definitely be surprising my boyfriend next Friday. It's one of his favorite films. Great post!

Anonymous said...

The Paramount is fantastic!

Jessamyn Harris said...

yesss! love this post.