Thursday, October 30

GUEST BLOGGER: Uncle Beefy from The Bedlam of Beefy

Coordinated bridal bouquet and boutonniere by Rosenow Floral.

Kids, for some reason your Uncle finds it difficult not to think of San Francisco when I'm here reading Victoria's musings. I don't know why? I just do. Strange...isn't it? ;) And I can't think of San Francisco without thinking of a Bay Area favorite of mine...Rosenow Floral Design. Erin Rosenow (I know! The name is perfect...and real!) creates some of the most exquisite arrangements (and James will testify to that) and the luscious photos on her site are drool-worthy for sure. I always pop in to see what visual treats she may have in store.

Now Erin has expanded her repertoire to include a line of most-inspired boutonnieres. And not the typical "When is homecoming?" or "Dude...nice flowers." variety. Just look at the man-tastic offerings that she has devised! These are sweet enough to appeal to the ladies but spirited enough to help us boys feel a little less "flowery" on those special occasions, should we so choose. Y'know...if we get to choose. ;) (I'm just teasin' ya', Ladies!)


And it's hard to talk bouquets and boutonnieres without thinking of special occasion stationery. And I relish the mix of classic design and contemporary color palettes that San Francisco-based Gryphon Stationers pulls together. I know I'd have a horrific time trying to decide which palette to pick! But it would seem that if I could procure the floral artistry of Rosenow with the stationery stylings of Gryphon I'd have a match made in heaven. Oh yes...and a happy couple I think they would make, indeed.

"The black, I'll take the black. Oooh, no! Wait! The purple! Oh...but the grey is so nice! Crap!"


cindy : quaint said...

i love the boutonnieres, especially the guitar.

jennifer said...

love those boutonnieres.. the cadillac & dice. nice.

The Lil Bee said...

That sailboat is absolutely spectacular! When I got married, I was really specific about the boutonnieres. I didn't want anything expected. These, though...I mean...ADORBS.

Oh, and sorry, but i get the purple. Back off, Beef.

SHILL said...

hello inspirations!!!love love love the boutonnieres, which one? all of them!!fantabulous post on this one darling uncle beefy :)

tula said...

these are so awesome and perfect for any dandy (you, of course, are the #1 dandy). thank you, uncle beefy!!!!

jae said...

As fabulous as these boutonnieres are, us ladies just might let you pick any one of them! Great post beefy!

Uncle Beefy said...

cindy...aren't these just such a nifty idea?! I love them all but my heart seems drawn to the Cadillac symbol...very Vegas (even if I'm not!). you can see, right there with you!

bee...who you tellin' to back off?! You don't tell the Beef to back off! (You just throw chocolate across the room to distract him!) ;) shucks! :)

tula...or, oh I don't know, a up and coming wedding? ;)

jae...thanks for the props and the approval to choose! ;)

Thanks, Kids!

blue moss said...

love the one with clocks.....i'm all about vintage pieces...

Grace@PoeticHome said...

How amazing!! These are the best "floral" arrangements for the gents yet. The guitar boutonniere simply rocks :)

Uncle Beefy said...

blue moss...yes! I love the clock one too (though they're all love-worthy!). I think the clock piece in particular would be a smashing choice as a ladies lapel pin! Don't you think?

grace...definitely something for everyone I believe! And, yes...rock it does! :)

Thanks for the comments! :)

Ori said...

So I have to become an uncle to wear these??
This is definitely the next mode of fashion ;p. I can see it happening!

P.s. Why not start a shop selling these?

Uncle Ori