Wednesday, November 19

Flickr Curator: Diana Fayt.

Today's Flickr Curator is the amazing ceramist Diana Fayt. Diana's ceramics are so lovely and inspiring, and her flickr faves selections today are just as amazing as her designs. Knowing Diana's beautiful work, I can see why she might be inspired by the flickr images below. If you'd like to see Diana's ceramics, you can find them on her blog, one black bird, as well as in her etsy shop. I think you'll fall in love, and also see the creative connection with her selections below.

Diana explains her beautiful collection of images: "I tend to favorite images I like on first impulse and really don't think too much about why I like something. It was interesting to look through my collection of favorites and see that there were three running themes that dictated my choices. Drawings and images in red and black, portraits of people, and funny or cute animal pictures. I decided on sharing some of my favorite red and black drawings with you all. I have always loved drawings and line (it's the frustrated illustrator in me). Thick, thin, squiggly, straight, bold, subtle...A line can communicate so much in the way it's drawn and I really think it reveals a lot about the Artist. And for the red, well I haven't figured out what it is with me and red, I just love the point that it makes my heart skip a beat when I see it."

Photo credits (to see any of these images larger, click on each link): 1. Beautymist 2. tielsk 3. lauren nassef 4. skinnylaminx 5. lillykeeper 6. Denise Ann Simon 7. Camilla Engman 8. Boz Schurr 9. Art and Ghosts 10. lauren nassef 11. lauren nassef 12. tielsk 13. Maxwell Loren Holyoke Hirsch 14. irana 15. alex itin 16. danny espinoza 17. : jules : 18. sandra juto 19. misteradamstoves 20. Elsita (Elsa Mora) 21. danske 22. Maxwell Loren Holyoke Hirsch 23. Michael James Maxwell 24. Denise Ann Simon 25. penelope! 26. Rootytootoot 27. RetroPanda 28. TRACCIAMENTI07 29. Bascom Hoguea> 30. alex itin 31. kalien68 32. _bobi + bobi illustration © 33. Denise Ann Simon 34. rui sousa drawings 35. kirstyhall 36. cindy jaswal.


Tina said...

love this collection of great illustrations & drawings!

Dizzy said...

Great collection! I also love red... there is just something about it that makes me smile.

Bmist said...

I love Diana's work and I'm really honored that my B/W teapot is featured as number 1 in her collection of faves!


PS: I really like this blog Victoria, I read it daily!

i'm Carrie, lovely to meet you… said...

love, love, love her work. great set of faves too, what a lovely combo of black, white, red and grey.

ash said...

what a lovely composition.
I hope to get my hands on some of her ceramic one of these days, so gorgeous.