Tuesday, November 18

Grace, In The Library, With The Camera.

Grace of the ever-fabulous design*sponge has launched a wonderful new video series she has just collaborated on with the New York Public Library entitled Design By The Book. They'll be following on film, five Brooklyn-based artists as they create collections inspired by the library's massive collections. The diverse group of artists include Julia Rothman, John Pomp, Mike Perry, Rebecca Kutys of Moontree Press, and Lorena Barrezueta.

The New York Public Library and design*sponge have invited the five artists to come to the library, become inspired by its collections, and have their entire creative process filmed from beginning to the final finished creative product. In this first episode they’re introducing the project and designers, and I just watched and found myself so inspired. You can find inspiration for your art in so many places, and I think the good old library is a long forgotten gem, so I'm super excited to follow the Design By The Book series. Check out the first episode!


Lori Andrews said...

very cool sfgirlbybay! I'll stay tuned

Roberta Jane said...

I love the library and it can be very inspirational! I will definitely check this out!