Friday, February 6

Flickr Curator: Poppytalk.

This week's flickr curator set comes from Jan of Poppytalk, one of my all time favorite blogs, and Poppytalk Handmade - curating the best of etsy. As I think I've said it, like a million times, but Jan has a great eye, and curates the best of the best of handmade goodness, so it's no surprise she has a great eye for selecting a great set of flickr faves.

Here's what Jan has to say about her flickr faves: "I've been really, really picky with my favorites and so some of them are really old - but I pick them only if I absolutely love them and will never not love them (basically), and that I love the way they all work together and strangely enough have some sort of connection to each other. It's sort of like the furniture in your house. If you really love it, even though it may be from a different period or style than other pieces you love, they all somehow work together."

Photo credits (to see any of these images larger, click on each link): 1. Handmade Nation! 2. B is for Bueller 3. heathermurrayart 4. NYLONATRONIK 5. sew fab martha 6. The Library of Congress 7. Kate Banazi 8. Kate Banazi 9. Kate Banazi 10. girlhula 11. girlhula 12. girlhula 13. artouttamymind 14. D.James | Darren J. Ryan 15. girlhula 16. girlhula 17. liquidskyarts 18. .dave.d 19. stOOpidgErL 20. pjchmiel 21. Zombie37 22. lpdigital 23. justin.scrappers 24. (michelle) 25. John Martz 26. joeclark 27. Joseph Robertson 28. Camilla Engman 29. Kim's Suitcase 30. dave watts 31. JesC 32. inthegan 33. I like 34. jakedobkin 35. hithro and 36. russelldavies.


mia said...

Great inspiration as always!

Happy Weekend from Sweden

amber of TheAmberShow said...

I feel the same way (about the "if you really love it..." bit). Faving things that I really, really love on Flickr has taught me so much about my own aesthetic.

You fave one photo here and another there, keeping it strictly to what you LOVE, and then you can look back and have an amazing clear, concise picture of things that are "so you!"

jan said...

We're so honoured Victoria! Thank you!

Paperday Studio said...

Beautiful assortment. This is inspiring me to go to flickr next...Thanks