Tuesday, February 24

Pick Your Posters And Win!

Tea Time, Word, and The City.

A few of you wrote to me about where I got the yellow L.A. Poster in this week's Sunday in the City. It's a great graphic poster, I get a ton of compliments on, and I found it at one of my sponsors, The Poster List. And now, The Poster List is offering sfgirlbybay readers a chance to win their three favorite posters! All you have to do is pick any three posters either from the wonderful I've pictured here on the blog, or from The Poster List online shop, and list them in your comment here by Friday, February 27th at midnight (PST), and The Poster List will choose a winner at random! We'll announce a winner next week! So take a gander at The Poster List gallery, pick your three posters and list them here in your comment by name. Be sure you leave a link to your email address in your comment so we can find the winner! Thanks and have fun!

Primary Cameras, Santa Monica Pier, and Chill Couch.

Pink Butterflies, Ripped Damask, and Flatterer.

Sunset Pacific Motel, Fish In The Sea, and Sew or Die.

Pattern Birdie, Together We So Rock, and Bird on A Wire.

Green Radio, Blue Birdie, and Gotcha.


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Sarah said...

I love Pattern Birdie, Type or Die, and War Planes.

Cool posters! :)

Underfunded Heiress said...

My favorite is the LA one. All of them are so cool though!

Miss Lisa H said...

i love sew or die, fish in the sea, and primary cameras!!!

Courtney said...

My husband's a musician, so I'd have to pick Beautiful Music, and Baroque Amplifiers for him, and Blue on Blue Chairs for me.

Amy Leigh. said...

These are great posters! Cherry Restaurant, Santa Monica Pier, Hanging Chandelier. Thanks!

Somewhere In Between said...

Great posters!

My favorites are: Word, Chill, and Gotcha!

Renate said...

Ooh, lots of nice ones.
But my faves are ... ehm... eh..
Summer burn
and Green butterfly. Although I'm not sure of the order, either.

lejardengirl said...

wow great images...tea time,chill couch,together we rock!!!

Kelly said...

YAY! i'm a huge fan of theirs.

my faves are Word, Chill Couch and Blue Birdie.


laura said...

my favorites are: word, santa monica pier and sew or die. what a fun contest!!! thanks victoria!!

Anonymous said...

Its so hard to narrow it down to three but I would have to say, keep calm and rock on (grey), drums, and the city

Char said...

Sunset Pacific Motel, Santa Monica Pier and Birds on a Wire.

dearsweetbriar said...

I love colored cameras, together we so rock, and keep calm and rock on in grey. And that's just if I HAVE to choose three!

cynicole said...

I love them all! But I would pick: Word, Santa Monica Pier, and Gotcha! <3

Ali said...

What fun! My picks are:
Antenna Birds, Wallflowers and Pattern Birdie

pvhike said...

OMG - what great posters! You ALWAYS find the most fabulous posters & I can't tell you how many I've bought from your recommentations! Thanks! My favs here are: Chill Couch, Together we so Rock and Sew or Die (of course!)! Thanks sweets!

mimi charmante said...

I absolutely *LOVE* green radio, blue birdie, and gotcha!!! What a fabulous set!!!

kristin said...

my favorites are:

antenna birds
the city
santa monica piers

Emmaneezer said...

I love "sew or die", "pattern birdie" and "fork knife spoon". These are great :) thanks for sharing

Strathmore Journal said...

Together we rock, word and hanging chandlier.. I so need these to hang in my office!

RachelDenbow said...

Yay for give aways!

Top three favorites:

* Projector On Wood

* We Bike Overprint

* Tea Time

Miss Aimee said...

keep calm and rock on, together we so rock, and drums!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE them all really but these would all be a great addition to my master re-do now~ please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colleen said...

Picking 3 is hard! Let's see, I'd go with...

Santa Monica Pier
Fish in The Sea
Together We So Rock

They're all fantastic!

The Clever Pup said...

My favourites are Blue Rooster, Hanging Chandelier and the green Demure Owl ( which I would give to my mum) All are cool.


My email's on there somewhere


Leslie Hoggatt said...

I like Tea Time, Ripped Damask and Chill Couch.

I have the Sew or Die poster already and LOVE it!


glorisa said...

Favorites are:

Santa Monica Pier
The City
Together We So Rock

ashlie johnson said...

I love the whole set starting with Pattern Birdie. I know exactly where I'd put them if we win too! ;-)

you can contact me at ashlie (dot) nicole (dot) johnson (at) gmail (dot) come.

JFM said...

Wow, my favorites are Smokestack, Begun to Fight, and Chill Couch.

Thanks so much!

Sarah Goodman said...

So beautiful! I love 1943 Fishing, Beautiful Music and Gotcha! I could really use some new artwork and these prints would be the perfect thing :)

Sarah Goodman

randomdtd said...

There's so many great ones to choose from! but I really liked:
Word, Beautiful Music and Cut and Paste.
Love your blog!

ashley morgan said...


L.A. State
Rock Song

Anonymous said...

Palm Springs Windmill
Sunset Pacific Motel
Santa Monica Pier

heather said...

I love Sew or Die, Bird on a Wire, and Gotcha.

Jamie said...

These are amazing! They would fit perfectly in my apartment. I love Birds on a Wire (blue), Begun to Fight, and Tea Time.

windupbird82 (at) gmail (dot) com.

thelady said...

Sew or Die
Birds on a Wire (brown)
Tree birds

Annao said...

oooo, so many great ones to choose from!

my top three:
- blue on blue chairs
- birds on a wire (blue)
- tea time (cups)

Katrine Ny said...

Wow wow wow. They are all great, so hard to choose! But I think my favourites are these:
- Pattern Birdie
- Projector on Wood
- Santa Monica Pier

xx Katrine in Denmark.

Anonymous said...

These really are cute. I loved together we rock(red), 38 special, and ripped damask (white on black). All awesome though!


allison said...

what a great site!

i love:
pink butterflies
pattern birdie
together we so rock (green & blue)

salsapeeps said...

Love this site. Thanks for the link. I've gotten several gift ideas going. But gor MY humble abode...
Blue on Blue chairs
Projector on wood
Pink Radios

Bmist said...

Hello Victoria,

I love giveaways so...

my faves are

* gears

* word

*together we so rock (in red/tan)

and of course, you HAVE my email.



Jennifer said...

I love these posters. My favorites are:

1. Santa Monica Pier--I was brought up in Seoul/Korea but I have an aunt who lives in Santa Monica and I've been to that pier so many times! I just love it!!

2. Gotcha.

3. Love From Paris.

Thank you :D

Robin said...

this is so neat! thank you :O)
my favs are

-pattern birdie (cute!!!)
-fish in the sea
-bird on a wire

it was so hard to narrow them down, they are all really great!
thanks again.

Stefanie Jane said...

It's so hard to choose! Right now my favorites from this lovely site are:

2.Demure Owl
3.Tea Time


20-Something Superhero said...

My favorites are:

~Pink Butterflies
~Pattern Birdie
~Lonely flower

These would be great in my new office!

she said...

thanks for the chance to win! my favorites are:

pattern birdie
chill couch
beautiful music

Morgan said...

I love LOVE Numberpress, chill couch (blue and red), and eggs.

Thank you so much for an awesome giveaway

olduvai said...

My favourites:
Beautiful Music
Tea Time
Type or Die


jess said...

The group "Green Radio, Blue Birdie, and Gotcha." would look wonderful in my home :)


***** said...

i want, i want!

blue birdie
hold your horses

thanks! love your blog!

Carrie said...

My favorites are Word, Pattern Birdie and Wallflower

Anonymous said...

Argh, picking three and only three is so incredibly tough! After much agony, I think my favorites are:
3 Tea Cups,
Rock Song,
and Type or Die.
But really, how does one pick just three?

Jennifer said...

Nothing beats the Tea Time print with the kettle, Rock Song, and the The City. And seeing as they're all some of my favorite things, my walls are just beggin' for them.

Kait said...

I love love love....

1. primary cameras 2. gotch 3. sunset pacific motel.


susan said...

i never win anything so let me try my luck! my three favorites are:
1) with heavy heart
2) tea time
3) hanging chandelier


girlorama said...

#1 Flatterer
#2 Sunset Pacific Motel
#3 Green Radio

** but I'd *purchase* Together We So Rock for my husband. He loves him some Rock Band ...

petit hameau said...

So many awesome posters..
I chose -
Chill Couch


jenny said...

Great contest Victoria! I like Together We So Rock, Tea Time and Word. Thanks!

m said...

I like toast, antenna birds and eggs!

marikm22 said...

I think my three favorites are
Love from Paris
Colored Camera
This is my year
Although I love them all lots! I've been lusting after theposterlist for months now and whether I win or not I have already promised myself that I will buy a couple in the fall for the house I'll be sharing with eight other girls (I'm in college)

angela hardison said...

My picks:

- ripped damask (B&W
- red leaves
- cut & paste

SweetMeat said...

These are amazing! I love the ones you have pictured in this post. My favs are TEA TIME, SEW OR DIE, DO YOUR BEST.

alisa c. said...

Wow, these posters are awesome. My favorite 3 are Primary Cameras, Santa Monica pier and Sew or Die. Thanks for the chance:)


stripeymonkey :) said...

my faves...

word, santa monica pier from this post and lo-rider from the gallery list

cool! :)

ROCKDOVE said...

Oh wow!
I like Green Radio, Never Never Give Up & The City

Abbie said...

What a great giveaway! I pick: Together We So Rock in blue/green; Keep Calm and Rock On in dk gray; and it's a toss-up between Word in pink or the patterned birdie. Too many great choices!

Calotype Photography said...

Beautiful Music
Together We So Rock
Pattern Birdie

Pick me, pick me, pick me!!

Cait W said...

I'd love the "Pattern Birdie", "Ripped Damask" and "Chill Couch" prints!!

janna said...

I would love to have Pattern Birdie, Time on the Ocean, and Numberpress.

Kate said...

These are all so cool!
I would love...

Chill Couch, Sew or Die, and Drums.

Anonymous said...

primary cameras
sew or die
gotcha !

thanks ! :)

Toshimi said...

definitely in love with birds on a wire, green radio, and gotcha!


stanggirl1968 said...

Im Lovin this site! Thanks for sharing with us..I would have to say I have too many favorites, but..Im really diggin' these:

Sunset Pacific Motel
Santa Monica Pier


ann said...

i love the flatterer, tea, and type or die. what a great site - thanks for spotlighting it!

MK said...

I love "Old School Motorcycle," "Chill Couch," and "The City"!

Bre said...

I LOVE (love, love, love):

Chill couch
Together We So Rock!


Jodi said...

I like:

1. Keep calm and rock on
2. Green Butterfly
3. Tea Time

sue said...

1. Fork Knife Spoon
2. Fish in the Sea
3. Pattern Birdie

Robin Kelly said...

Pattern Birdie, Together We So Rock, and Bird on A Wire.

nicolle said...

With Heavy Heart, Gotcha, Birds On A Wire (brown on brown)

it was hard to pick, there were so many awesome posters!


brooke said...

1. Pattern Birdie
2. Together We So Rock (red)
3. Pink butterflies

Chrince said...

I'm loving Green Radio, Blue Birdie, and Gotcha.

Tina Tarnoff said...

My favorite are:

Chill Couch
Pink Butterflies
Fish In The Sea

So lovely!


Ursula said...

1. Red Leaves
2. Fish in the Sea
3. Hold your Horses

Fun! I'm keeping my fingers crossed....

nikki said...

'sew or die' would like great in my craft room, 'hold your horses' is awesome cause i have the fondest memories of that phrase, and 'together we so rock' would fit in so well with the prints the mister and i have been exchanging as of late.

Sharon Delman said...

I LOVE these posters.

My favorites are:

Primary Cameras (I love photography)
Tree Hearts (Reminds of my daughter)
Blue Rooster (For my son who loves chickens)

Thank you for sharing.

April K. said...

Fish In The Sea, Rock Song, Tea Time 3 Cups.

Very fun!

Ems said...

I love them all!


Primary Cameras
Blue on Blue Chairs

emily said...

Hard to choose only three, but....
Blue on Blue Chairs
This is my Year
Rock Song

Beatrice said...


My favorites are:

Tea time
Bird on Wire (blue)
Palm Springs Windmill.

annie-san said...


My faves are:
- Primary Camera
- Fish in The Sea
- Bird on A Wire

Thanks for the opportunity!

Tammy said...

Great posters. I'm lovin'
"Demure Owl"
"Ripped Damask"
"Pink Radios"

The "Save Katie" poster made me laugh out loud. Too funny.

I know my boss would love "Old School Motorcycles."


Sara said...

So many to choose from...I love Birds on a wire, Fish in the sea and Tree birds. But Summer Burn is great too!

faryle said...

Why did I not know about The Poster List? Awesome.

I love Pattern Birdie, Word and Gotcha. They are all so fun!


Shannon said...

Love The Poster List!

My favorites are Chill Couch, Ripped Damask, and Hanging Chandelier.

Lise said...

Together We So Rock
The City

I love, love, love Together We So Rock!


i suwannee said...

my picks:
hold your horses
begun to fight
this is my year

Victoria said...

I love Chill, Flatterer, and Pattern Birdie


JanelleGrace said...

I love:

Sunset Pacific Motel
The City
War Planes

(That was the hardest thing to choose ONLY three. They are so amazing.)

sam said...

Fantastic posters! I love Fish in the Sea, Green Radios and Green Butterfly.

erin said...

oh what a great idea. i like
fish in the sea
birds on a wire
(and) together we so rock.


kGresh said...

Rock Song
Fork Knife Spoon
Rinse Lather Repeat


Pennington said...

Hi There!

*Tea Time
*Three Tea Cups
*Fish In The Sea



Samantha said...

"Sunset Pacfic Motel"
"Fish in the Sea"

Lovely! Thanks.

Christina said...

the together we so rock and bird on a wire are awesome. my email is clmosley@gmail.com

Meagan said...

I like ... them all but especially these three

1. Fork Knife Spoon
2. Birds on Wire (Blue)
3. Tea Time

Thanks! Meagancw@gmail.com

Snappy Sassy said...

I had a hard time picking just three:

Shoe Fetish


Anonymous said...

I love:
1. Birds On a Wire (blue)
2. Gears
3. Red Leaves.

- Lindsay


Alice said...

They are all amazing. I love:

Project on wood
Pattern Bird
Demure Owl

Kelly said...

I [heart] Santa Monica Pier (grew up riding the ferris wheel), together we so rock, and fish in the sea.

Little Miss B said...

I like Sew or Die, Skull Flowers and With heavy Heart

atout said...

I love:
- Demure Owl
- Fish in The Sea
- Bird on A Wire

Loren said...

chill couch, type or die, and shelter are my current faves

singleintelligence at yahoo dot com

Loren said...

chill couch, type or die, and shelter are my current faves

singleintelligence at yahoo dot com

Rosemary said...

decisions, decisions!

Chill Couch (baby blue & pink)
Primary Cameras
1943 Fishing


Kristina said...

I like Toast, Eggs, and War Planes.
For breakfast, or whatever.

Ellen said...

My faves are:
Tea Time
Fish in the Sea
Primary Cameras


Choral said...

Birds on a Wire, Hanging Chandelier, Gotcha.

Amy said...

I choose hanging chandelier, flatter, and toast. :)
email is wabadee1@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Super posters!
I really like Rock Song, Together We So Rock, & Drums!
skhogan at hotmail dot com

mamichan said...

I adore Eggs, The City, and Love from Paris!

Laurel Lyon said...

ooh! I want... let's see...
a single windmill
type or die
keep calm and rock on (grey)

fingers crossed!

Just Me said...

why not?

Rock Song
The City
Santa Monica Pier

Anne said...

They're all so gorgeous.

I love

Together we so Rock in green/blue
Graphic Birdie
Fish in the Sea


Kelly said...

If I say *thank you* now, I'll really win, right?!

I love:

* Together We So Rock
* Beautiful Music
* Santa Monica Pier

amanda mae said...

oh! i really like pattern birdie, beautiful music, and green radios. thank you!
lesailboat [at] yahoo [dot] com

jeannine said...

Fish in the Sea
Rinse Lather Repeat

Katy said...

i love bike or die, together we so rock, and toast. xo


amy said...

i like Pattern Birdie, Together We So Rock, and Bird on A Wire. a great combo!!

best sf blog ever :D


annie said...

My favorites are:

Sunset Pacific Motel
Beautiful Music

molly june. said...

hmmmm, my faves are:
1. blue on blue chairs
2. tea time (three tea cups)
3. santa monica pier

i just LOVE your blog by the way ;)
email- tankandtink@gmail.com

xo, molly

Kara said...

After much debate, I've decided on Sewor Die, Together We So Rock (tan/Br) and Beautiful Music.

Thank you Poster List.


kaitlyn sullivan said...

ooo i realllllyy love this giveaway! woop!

my favorites (today) are:
1] 'Primary Cameras'
2] 'Rock Song'
3] 'Cut and Paste'

Meganne Fabrega said...

Bike or Die, Keep Calm and Rock On and Save Katie call out to me! megannefabrega@gmail.com

Philena said...

Pattern Birdie, Together We So Rock, and Bird on A Wire...so cute!


andrea said...

So cool of them - now I can get full size prints of the postcards I picked up at renegade craft fair!

I would pick the following:
Keep calm and rock on (drk grey)
primary cameras
fork knife spoon

Steph said...

Lion, Three tea cups, and hanging chandelier


Bobbi Lewin said...

it's so hard to choose! I pick "with heavy heart", "demure owl", and "fish in the sea"

Robin said...

Great stuff! I especially love
Pattern Birdie

Tara S. said...

Oh this is fabulous!
Hmmm I love all of them, but if I had to chose only 3...

- "Together We So Rock" - red
- "Keep Calm & Rock On" - in dkgrey
- "Letter" (Life)

Tara (:

Capree said...

Wow, it was really hard to narrow it down to three, but here goes:

1st Choice: Begun to Fight
2nd Choice: Word - Overprint
3rd Choice: Primary Cameras

These are really awesome posters, by the way! Hope I win!! :D

Style Madam said...

My favorites are: With Heavy Heart, Birds on a Wire, and The City.

megan said...

Plam Springs Windmill, old school phone and green radios are all super cool!

Pegleg said...

love them all but if i had to pick..... Radio,Bird,Gotcha!!

Rebekah said...

they are all so much fun!

I love the patterned bird, sew or die and do your best!


Lemongrass Studio said...

Holy crap, there's a ton of entries!

1. Bird on a Wire
2. Together we so rock
3. Pattern birdie

Anonymous said...

pattern birdie, fish in the sea & skull flowers


Lis said...

My fav is Pattern Birdie! tweet tweet!!

Inspired... said...

If I have to choose, I'd pick- together we so rock, beautiful music and antenna birds. They're all great, though!

-Kelly T.

ana said...

gotcha, primary cameras and colored camera

Katie said...

Save Katie, This Is My Year, Santa Monica Pier

Emily said...

Sunset Pacific Motel, Fish In The Sea, and Sew or Die.

Pink Butterflies, Ripped Damask, and Flatterer.

Primary Cameras, Santa Monica Pier, and Chill Couch.


Sarah said...

I LOVE these - especially Projector on Wood, Primary Super 8 and Primary Cameras - hang them together and make a theme!

Jonathan said...

The three that I like are: The City, Together We So Rock, Bird on a Wire.

Kat said...

I love so many! But especially:

Love bird, birds on a wire & love from paris

Anonymous said...

It's hard to pick! But if I must:

Sunset Pacific Motel
Santa Monica Pier
Blue Birdie

mail1 said...

my favorites are definitely:
Birds On A Wire (in brown), Tree Birds, Fish in the Sea

mail1 [at] metalemily.com

allison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trina said...

I would love to have these posters!
Tea time, Demure Owl (green) & Fish in the sea

Sheri said...

I fancy the following: tea time, pattern birdie, and antenna birds.

darling, said...

i would love to break up my boyfriends million band posters with: los angeles, fish in the sea and (for my lovely film loving friend) projector on wood.

caitlin1e (at) hotmail (dot) com

Wendy said...

Great color and images. My faves:
Kisses, Love Bird and Type or Die.

aimee heff said...

Pattern Birdie
Do Your Best!
Obama for President
Boom Boxing
Primary Cameras
Birds On A Wire
Sneakers On A Wire
Three Skateboards
Beautiful Music

These are really great posters. I'll order whether or not I win.

Anonymous said...

blue rooster, blue on blue chairs, with heavy heart

cheers, stephanie


Katherine said...

So fun!

Santa Monica Pier
Type or Die
Palm Springs Windmill

presocia (at) yahoo.com

Little Gray Pixel said...

Keep Calm and Rock On
Primary Cameras
L.A. State

Seriously, you do not know how much this would mean to me to win this contest. I've been salivating over The Poster List posters for a looong time. Damn recession!

littlegraypixel (at) yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I agree, so hard to choose! But I'll go with Santa Monica Pier, Don't Waste Time and Type or Die.


Helen said...

I love tea time, pattern birdie and do your best! think i could do with that 'do your best one' above my desk to help me get through my final year of uni and graduate!

Teresa said...

Blue on Blue Chairs
Bird on a Wire

What a great giveaway! Love these prints.

allison said...

Gears, War Planes, Red Leaves.

Corinna @ ShinyWhitePage said...

Oh, they're so great! Thanks for the connect to them. I'd love:
Type or Die
Don't Blog Me
As you can see, I already have a little wall space in mind over my desk. It's all about typing on keys.

Jessica said...

I love-
Together We So Rock
Birds On A Wire
This Is My Year

Keeping fingers crossed!

amanda said...

I loved the
Lust, Pink butterflies and the Keep calm & Rock on Posters

MidnightKarma said...

I loved the
Lust, Pink butterflies and the Keep calm & Rock on Posters

kelli said...

im wanting the
gotcha, together we so rock, and we bike overprint.
crossing my fingers


R Dose said...

I loved Tree Hearts, Pink Butterflies, and Beautiful Music.

Leslie said...

Wow, it was hard to pick just 3...I'd say Sew or Die (I love to sew), Rock Song (my husband and I are musicians and this is hysterical), and Demure Owl.


joolee said...

I love, LOVE War Plane, Cars and Old School Motorcycles. (my family is full of WWI and WWII airshow pilots, so I've grown up with "antiques" like these!)Love it.

Melissa Kirk said...

Oooh, I like pattern birdie, word and tea time!

Welcome Momof2Stepof3 said...

I love them all but my favs are Pink Butterflies, Ripped Damask, and Flatterer


Michele said...

Toast, Skull Flowers, and Together We So Rock!

What a great contest! Thanks!
It was hard to pick three -- loved so many.

mzipp at cafemom dot com

jeana said...

I love these!

I like:
& Keep Calm and Rock On (grey)
woohoo! lol

Marianne said...

Together We So Rock, Green Radio, and Ripped Damask. All of them are so great!

Anonymous said...

So many great ones to choose from. I like Tea Time, Pattern Birdie, and Tree Hearts!

brandilux said...

Stewart-Trusted News Source: for my mom, because she has a huge crush. Fish in the Sea: for my best friend who is always telling me there are plenty of them. Tree Birds: for me because I love cypress trees and my office could use some wall love.


Megan said...

My favorite posters are:
Never Never Give Up
Antenna Birds

Tough choices... thanks for the info on a cool site!

oshngrl said...

So hard to choose, but my 3 favs are:
Beautiful Music
Green Butterfly

Thanks sfgirlbybay!

Bridget said...

So fun!

I would do a threesome of pattern birdie, birds on a wire, and wallflowers.

monkey said...

my threesome would be:
sew or die
hanging chandelier

these are awesome and what a great opportunity!

EHeim Design said...

It's so hard to choose, they're all so wonderful! Well, if I have to....Time to Start Living, Sew or Die, Together We So Rock.

Jessica said...

My three faves:
1. Pattern birdie.
2. blue on blue chairs.
3. Numberpress


Alicia said...

What a great contest. I've always loved your poster.

My choices

1. Santa Monica Pier
2. Save Katie
3.Together We So Rock

capebretongirl said...

they are all great... But if I HAD to choose 3 they'd be:
Tea Time
Pattern Birdie
Bird on A Wire


Lauren said...

Yeah, pretty much in love with them all!
But if I have to choose:
“Together, We so Rock” in Orange
“Rock Song”
“Loving Gun”
Are my 3 faves!
Thanks for sharing such fun art!!

goldfishliberator said...

Only 3? They are all lovely!

But, I love love:
Together We So Rock (green and blue)
Fish in the Sea
Blue Birdie

Thank you!

Kathryn C. in SF
goldfishliberator at gmail dot com

KiaBia said...

LA, Old School Phone and Primary Cameras. Those ones are awesome.

Kat said...

Green radios, Gotcha, Demure Owl (red and blue. Love them!!

Hayley said...

Tea time, Together we so rock, & LA.

Shannon Michele Photography said...

beautiful music, green radios, drums!


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