Friday, March 6

A River Runs It.

I just recently found out about a cool, new online art resource, Art River. Frustrated with modern art, art enthusiasts, like Art River's founders, were forced to settle between the common poster and the unreasonably expensive lithograph or painting with almost no middle ground. Out of this frustration came Art River's desire to not only collect unique and affordable modern art but also to share their findings with like-minded art fans. What started as a hobby eventually became a small business and Art River's collection of modern art related items continues to grow today.

Ed Ruscha, above & below.

Art River is not the typical modern art web store, and focuses exclusively on only a handful of modern artists, like Ed Ruscha, Cy Twombly, Willem de Kooning, among many others. I just picked up a couple of Ruscha prints! Many of the items on the site are the last of their kind on the market and, in many cases, once a particular item sells out it is gone for good. For a full tour, take a look at Art River's online gallery.


Amber said...

Thanks for your incredibly inspiring site. I could spend hours apon hours on it, but I really should get back to work!!

claire said...

oh this is awesome! it's always been a dream of mine to own a ed ruscha print. i'm heading over right now- thanks!