Wednesday, March 18

Time Out With Erin: Road Test Party.

It's Wednesday night, and you're both exhausted from a busy week, but restless for weekend playtime. There's no better night for a fun little night of experiments, right? Invite your favorite friends over for a 'Road Test Party'! Each friend is asked to bring their favorite item from your choice of categories, whether it be cheese, wine, or even t-shirts! Provide a few of your favorites as well to ensure a good selection is present.

Then, simply take turns "testing" each item until a winning item is chosen! It may not be the most scientific method, but it makes for fun conversation. The bolder the item, the more fun it gets [anyone feel like testing which china dish is most durable when dropped, or discovering the hottest chili pepper on earth?]. And hey, who knows? Maybe you can submit your findings to Real Simple: the home of the official road test method editorial!

*In case you're unfamiliar, Time Out is the sixth fabulous installment of a new Wednesday column brought to you by Erin Loechner, Editor of Design for Mankind...dedicated to tearing you away from behind the computer monitor and on to enjoying the simple things in life. Enjoy! As always, thanks so much Erin!

*From top to bottom, photos courtesy of vanya novikov ★; Molly | Orangette; the black swan archives.


mrs boo radley said...

Fun! Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I have a group of friends who would love this...I'll let you know how it goes.

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love the photography! great shot