Friday, April 17

Domestic Goddess.

I'll admit it...I think I'm like a 50's housewife at heart, trapped in the body and soul of independent, single woman. I still try to channel my inner domestic goddess like nobody's business, hosting dinner parties for friends, flitting about in a super cute apron and serving cocktails and canapés! Anthropologie has a bevy of beautiful, vintage-inspired aprons (like the one above), and I found Etsy was chock-full of great ones, too. Here's a look at some fancy frocks I found around the web, made especially for the domestic goddess in you.

Pretty pom-pom apron from Red Velvet Art.

Snowflake apron from xo Elle.

Amy Butler inspired apron from Originals by Lauren.

Cute crafter's apron from Yooper's.

Hostess apron from Simple Things.

Cute vintage-inspired apron from Palola123.

Flirty apron from Momomadeit.


Laura. said...

oh, these are great! i think i am the same way, what a great description of a "50's housewife in the body of a single, independent woman." i am so interested in bringing the apron {back?} as a fashion piece. i think they are fabulous.

Waxy said...

Those are great! I love the pom pom's!

betsy and iya said...

the clothesline with the aprons is so nostalgic. Why are clotheslines so AWESOME!?!! Also, your apron taste is stellar. This post SO makes me want to NEST! Waaaaa!!

beauty comma said...

I think you should indulge! The apron is actually a great invention - it enables us to do the dishes wearing nice clothes! And if the apron looks great? Even better!

Anonymous said...

Two things: one, I am currently obsessed with aprons too and I don't even have a kitchen! And two - I read "I'm like a 1950s housewife in heat" at first.

Oh, and check out the Apron Outfits pool on Flickr if you haven't yet.

RLMEnglish said...

Definitely boon looking for a cute apron to replace the dingy thing I have in my kitchen right now. I will have to scour Etsy to see what I can find but you gave me a great jumping-off point. Thanks!!

Another Kristin said...

You know who else makes some nice aprons? Kerry at PracticallyNecessary. I don't normally plug, but a friend of mine just gifted me one of Kerry's aprons, and I swear breakfasts have been turning out ever so much better since I started wearing it!

Olivia said...

I just bought *two* from Yoopers! Thanks so much for pointing them out -- you've got great taste!!

MissKarenAshley said...

Those are great! That last one is really adorable.

Miss K