Friday, April 10

Friday Food Files With Molly Watson: Pan-Roasted Asparagus.

So this is odd, but I'd never made pan-roasted asparagus before. Grilled? Sure. Roasted? Check. In a gratin? Mais bien sûr, mon ami. But never pan-roasted. And then I did and I'm never turning back. It couldn't be easier - heat oil, add asparagus, cook. If you need more of a recipe, you can find one here. Make some this weekend and get all the delicious browned bits of roasted or grilled asparagus by just heating up a single pan. Now that is easy entertaining, or it's a quick dinner for one (especially when combined with some fresh pasta and a bit of cheese - yum, yum).

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*Photo credits: pan-roasted asparagus courtesy of Molly Watson; farm fresh asparagus from S Pipczynski.


Char said...

sounds so delish

Anonymous said...

I LOVE asparagus. I usually just steam it-- might have to try that next time, though!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

I've never cooked asparagus (I'm a new cook) and have been wondering how to do it. Apparently it's much simpler than I ever imagined. :)

Ann said...

i had asparagus this way for the first time last year when my boyfriend made it, and i've loved it ever since! it's also very good with a squeeze of lemon when it's done :)

Claire Mojher said...

Superdelicious! Thank you.

Livinonthecrowrock said...

My son came over to dinner after all had eaten last night. We took a half a bunch of asparagus and put it on a plate and covered it with wax paper. We microwaved it for about 4-5 minutes on high and it came out great. You can easily adjust the cooking time to get your desired doneness. Salt and pepper it, add your favorite seasoning (we did a small amt of butter) and voila! We usually do roasted, but this was good as a quick alternative.

crystal said...

thanks for posting this. i did this a few days ago for the first time and YUM!