Monday, April 20

Log Lady Decor.

I saw this whimsical Wood Grain Rug in the children's furnishings catalog, The Land of Nod, and it made me wonder what other home accessories were out there to create your own wooded wonderland. Just for fun, here's my ode to the great outdoors, brought indoors!

Barely a Bear Relief Print from Art Bear.

Domestic Trophy from Rachel Denny.

Handmade Faux Bois Log Planter from My Wagonette.

Plaster Log from Rare Device.

Little stumps from littleseedlings.

We Are All Connected Print from Please Be Still.

Grizzly Bear Decanter, from My Wagonette.

Taxidermy Deer Antlers from The Lovelys.

Vintage Ceramic Deer Planter PeppermintPixies.

New Growth Print from Groundwork.

Vintage Pine Cone Salt & Pepper Shakers from BlendedSplendid.

Log Village Print from Small Stump.

Reindeer Photographic Print from Sharon Montrose.

Vintage Log Cups from cozystudio.


Katherine said...

love, love, love it! i have been trying to talk myself out of those woodgrain rugs for awhile, but they are so darn cute! i'm sure it will happen, but this is a trend i have yet to tire of.

Julia said...

what an inspiring round-up. it makes me want to build a fort in the living room and roast smores. rachel denny's domestic trophy is amazing!

Dovely said...

oooo yay logs!

check out our all natural soy faux bois candles (cast from real tree branches!)

M.Lane said...

This is a great assortment! I like the bear decanter the best.

AND, I love the Twin Peaks reference in the title.


our little love nest said...

Wow! I LOVE every single one of those! Great collection of items.
The plaster log from Rare Device may have to come home to 'our little love nest'!!

Anonymous said...

what a fabulous collection! love it all

Hello Lindello said...

Love the twin peaks reference. I was going to be log lady for halloween one year! I really love the stump print, i've been eyeing that for awhile.

erin said...

i love the new growth print. so hopeful and cute!

Waxy said...

I love the sweater deer - that's a twist on that one I haven't seen yet!

My name is Erin. said...

I've been considering the inspiration rug for my son's room for a while now. I love it, but will it go with the look I'm hoping to create?! I just can't decide... I do love the Land of Nod. I really love their Solar System quilt, too.

Unknown said...

Brilliant collection...absolutely love the knitted dear head and the rug is great too.

Unknown said...

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Sarah Smith said...

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