Friday, May 1

Friday Food Files With Molly Watson: Mint Juleps.

My sense is this: there are circles in which this weekend's Kentucky Derby is a big deal. For some it is a chance to witness the finest thoroughbreds compete. For others it is an excuse to gather around the television with friends and shout at the screen and scarf down nachos. For still others it is an opportunity to sink into spring and even start flirting around with summer by sipping Mint Juleps.

The first time I had a Mint Julep was quite recently. Sure, I'd had a mint leaf or two stuck in a random glass of whiskey, but that's hardly a cocktail in any meaningful sense. While I adore them - so refreshing, so sippable, so yummy - I do find it best to quite seriously limit myself to just the one Mint Julep on any given day. They are such boozy little things.

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*Mint photo courtesy of pbody; cocktail courtesy of Molly Watson.


Anonymous said...

your photos are beautiful...maybe i'll try one of these boozy little drinks this weekend:)

Amy (the b-line) said...

Ahhh...before relocating to MI, I lived in Kentucky, where the Derby is most definitely a big deal. I never quite warmed up to the mint julep (the bourbon just wrecks it for me), I miss those days. The hats, the horses. The mild KY weather. You've taken me back!

Psychedelicsister said...

That looks divine. I've never had one before.

jamieofalltrades said...

Awesome! I've been dying to make these.

our little love nest said...

I am so excited to try that recipe out. We have enough mint to kill a horse. That will be so yummy!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

Reanna said...

That's what I'm takin' about. Waiter! Bring me two, please. Think I'll try this out on the weekend. Thanks for the recipe.