Friday, May 29

It's Maker Faire Time!

The Maker Faire is back! The Bay Area's 4th annual DIY extravaganza and clothing swap returns this year with 600 plus crafters. The Maker Faire is a two-day, event that celebrates the DIY mindset. It's what I would best describe as crafts-meet-burning man-meet-mad science, a strange combo to be sure, but maybe not all that surprising. I see more and more lately the love relationship between science and art and how the too seemingly diverse subjects are drawn to each other. Left brain, meet right brain. Hello! Anyway, the Maker Faire is a fine example of this merging of the minds, and I highly recommend a visit this weekend - it's held at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds. One of my favorites is always Zack the Poem Guy (pictured above). Here's the list of participating artists this year. See ya there!

Maker Faire
May 30th & 31st • Saturday 10am -8pm; Sunday 10am-6pm
San Mateo County Event Center
2495 S. Delaware Street @ East 25th Avenue
San Mateo • 94403


Jessica Nichols said...

I hope I can find Zack the Poem Guy today. I'm about to head over to Maker Faire now!

lillie said...

yes, zack the poem guy was one of my favorite finds there last weekend. this was my first maker faire and i was blown away (a little overwhelmed!) by the wild and amazing and inspiring "makes" of every kind.

jennifer said...

the maker's faire was awesome this year... my feet definitely hurt by the end of the day but worth it! we saw zach but he was surrounded by people wanting poems.