Tuesday, May 26

A Little Interview on Shiny Squirrel.

One of my favorite online art gallery's is Jessica Goldfond's Shiny Squirrel, a site dedicated to share emerging artists' work. Jessica's has a blog going now, and has a new series going entitled 'The Little Interview'. And, this week Shiny Squirrel is featuring a little interview with me! To see what the heck I had to say (Jessica asked some interesting questions!) you can check it out here on the Shiny Squirrel blog. Thanks so much for having me, Jessica!


Tam, I am said...

I love your home and your enjoy reading your blog daily!!!

Michelle Schraudner said...

A wonderful interview. I can't wait to explore her blog more!

Christina said...

loving the art work above that white couch. ok, i'm off to check out your interview.

elizabeth@shoptwig said...

Can you come decorate my home! Enjoyed the interview. :)

RM said...

Hi there,
Love your blog and of course, your house!! Each time I look at those portraits above your couch, I feel really drawn towards them. Could you tell me the name of the artist?

sfgirlbybay said...

thanks very much everyone!

RM - those are all gathered at flea markets or vintage shops, and mostly unsigned amateur artists.