Tuesday, May 5

A Look At London.

Emily Chalmers London Flat from good mood factory.

So, since I'm off to London later this week, I'm doing my usual immersion into the culture to get myself excited (and past the thought of the long cross-country, transatlantic flight from California!). I went on Flickr to see what might be seen of London interiors, and found some pretty brilliant stuff! From the chic and sublimely simple, to the mod-modern eclectic, here's a little look at London style.

The London Cushion from decor8.

Ilse Crawford's London Loft from audinou.

London kitchen from * d a a n *.

Nina Campbell fabrics from bossanova.baby☺.

Designer Bambi Sloan from eclectic gipsyland.

Dining room from mattinnewyork.

Lovely white living room from * d a a n *.

Pretty, pink room from thrifting girl.

Working Studio, from Loua.

Paumes London kitchen from thrifting girl.

Emily Chalmers dining room from good mood factory.

London Flat in Vogue from catmil.


our little love nest said...

All of these are wonderful but in my mind thrifting girl's images rock my world for the day...all inspired up now!
(Still completely jealous of the whole London thing though..lucky you!)

Katherine said...

wow--these are GORGEOUS, victoria! all of this inspiration is bringing on the "rearrange-the-furniture itch!" yikes...

Char said...

mmmmmmmmmm, such great inspirations

Jennifer said...

Victoria...I was so excited to read your post yesterday and today's update. I just booked my flight to London last night--how timely! Enjoy your trip!!!

Happy Harris said...

Hey...hope you enjoy your visit...I live just outside London and have a very Blighty inspired blog, I hope you can visit it oneday...and I sure hope you love London and oneday come back to visit us, I could show you so many cool things to do!

Love your blog honey xx

Love Happy xx

Rabbittrick said...

*daan*'s white living space looks awesomely rustic & modern... high maintenance though!

Vanessa said...

Ah, wonderful! I'm off to London in July, so this is getting me psyched too. Sadly, the home I'll be staying in looks nothing like these...

Erica said...

they're all so gorgeous-- what a stunning selection! have a wonderful trip

katiedid said...

Have a wonderful trip! I will live vicariously through you....looking forward to pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I was just passing by, and what a coincident since I was in London and just moved to SF for the next few months :)
London is absolutely marvelous, the Portobello houses are very much similar to SF's (color wise ^^), but while your there, here are some of my must sees
- At least one of the museum, there are plenty in South Kensington, my favs are the Science museum and V&A ! For galleries and other exhibitions, South Bank is a great place too, fantastic for walks and river side coffee, at the weekend there's also Bourough food market (very good!) at the end of the river close to Tate Mordern.
- Vintage hunts, try Camden town/Camden markets.. ask for 'Episode' clothing store, they have a great collection with very reasonable price
Bricklane is also another great location for vintage finds
For more shopping there's the obvious Oxford street, with large department stores like Selfridges,House of Fraiser or Debenhams, however Liberty has a great collections and the interior of the store is simply breath taking! ( Do goole it ^^)Another one of the must see is Harrods, since there's only one in the world.
While you are in Oxford street do take a turn to Carnaby street, where there's great little boutiques of young new designers, there's also Kingly;s court where you will find the most perfect tea shop called Camellia's tea ;)The shop it self is very small but super cozy !
- Take a walk in the famous Hype park, or the Hampstead Heath ( this place is almost like forest)

I guess I better stop now :P too much blabling.. but hope this helps! London is a truely wonderful city and I hope you will have a great time.

P.S if you do a peak of free time, pls let me know what's there to do in SF too :)

P.p.s if you need anything else, feel free to contact and ask :)

pigeon.toed said...

i am so incredibly jealous! i lived in london for 4 months and absolutely fell in love with the city! i can't wait to see what you see and do there!

Beautymist said...

mmh I've kept all the copies of "ELLE decor" when Ilse Crawford was its editor-in-chief, so i can tell you more about the Pretty, pink room from thrifting girl. Just lemme check!


Beautymist said...

mmmh... sorry! I can't find said issue.

BUT I have one recommendation for London. Go to to EGG! it's a must!
phone: 0171 235 9315
address: 36 kinnerton St, London SW1

here's what the Ilse Crawford's crew had to say about that store:
Calm, sensual and suspended in serenity, Egg is a shop that combines a purity of purpose with a design ethic that's spiritual rather than fashion-led. Providing a look for lifetime, Egg sells exquisite pieces by leading crafts-people..."


Lilian Montes said...

Mattinneyork has made a great minimalism job ! Lovely.
It feels like we want to be a part of that silent area.

Danielle said...

I am in love with the kitchen and the working studio!!!

Lucy said...

Great collection of photos - and nice to see some Victorian houses in there. London is full of them. It's my home town and I do miss several of the wonderful interior design stores. I highly recommend a trip to the King's Road. The Osborne & Little and Designer's Guild stores there are to die for.

bubblefunker said...

Just stopping by to give you some places to visit in London.

Make sure you head to Portobello Market on a Saturday - get the tube or train to Ladbrooke Grove station and then walk past all the stalls under the raised road, then turn right up the main market road and walk all the way in to Notting Hill. There are so many amazing stalls and weird little boutiques and antique markets all hidden away. As you wander into Notting Hill (just follow the crowds!) there are loads of tiny cafes and bars with garden terraces and amazing decor.

Other than that, Camden is always worth a quick look more for people watching, but Brick Lane market is much better for goods (less expensive / more vintage).

You should check out the Tate Modern too - get to Waterloo and walk down the Southbank of the Thames until you get there. If you head to the Southbank Centre there's a little cafe underneath it called Giraffe, where they do divine breakfasts, and lovely juice. You'll pass the National Film Institute, the Southbank Centre, and the outdoor bookstall where they filmed a scene in 4 weddings and a funeral.

Enjoy your trip! look forward to seeing your photos. PS love your blog! x