Wednesday, May 6

Time Out With Erin: Wall O' Doodles.

Dry erase your wall! You know you miss the days of algebra algorithms on your teacher's whiteboard [or wait - is that just me?], or maybe even scribing messages of love and hate on your ex-boyfriend's college dorm room door. Either way, dry erase paint calls for an easy and affordable transition in any home.

Not sure what to doodle on your new wall? Try your own take on Andre Jordan's comical series entitled 'Postcards I May Send.' Or perhaps come up with some exciting New Math problems a la Craig Damrauer. The possibilities are endless!

*And, in case you're unfamiliar, Time Out is another installment of a new Wednesday column brought to you by Erin Loechner, Editor of Design for Mankind...dedicated to tearing you away from behind the computer monitor and on to enjoying the simple things in life. Enjoy! As always, thanks so much Erin!

*Photos courtesy of Hannah Beth; and Love, Loren.


Char said...

cute shots

Anonymous said...

great idea. last night on npr, a cartoonist shared that his dining room walls are painted with chalk board paint...makes for fun dinner parties:)

Little Lovables said...

so fun! and so not as dark as chalkboard walls

kelly barton art + design said...

hmmm.....sounds like me!

raquel raney said...

me too!