Friday, May 8

Welcome Guest Bloggers!

So, as I've pounded into your poor heads this week, I'm off to London today. In fact, I'm probably flying over you somewhere in the sky right now! I've exhausted my all my friendships and loved ones, by exclaiming "Blimey, Gov'nor!" all week long to anyone within earshot! Hey, it was fun (albeit obnoxious) at the time! But, I digress, because I'm excited! I have some great guest bloggers lined up for you this week while I'm away. And, I'd love to introduce them to you now...

Sandra's creations.

First off, we have the very prolific and amazing artist Sandra Juto of Smosch. You've probably seen Sandra's wonderful Smosch dolls, and her beautiful wrist worms and artwork around the web. Maybe even her lovely flickr photos. Sandra's all the way from Sweden, so give her a nice, warm welcome.

Artwork from Abbey Hendrickson.

Next up, the very talented artist Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst is also joining in this week. Abbey has amazing taste (you've seen her home here on sfgirlbybay) and she will take very good care of you, sharing some fabulous and arty finds. You might like to also check out her vintage-inspired and art-filled etsy shop How Now Design, too!

Lovely Nicolle.

And last but not at all in the least, we have there's the lovely Nicolle of Sacred Lotus fame on flickr, and master of her lovely Sacred Lotus Photography blog. Trust me, Nicolle's going to make you swoon with some lovely finds and get you all ready for summer!

And to round out this group, there will be regular guest posts from Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind, who every Wednesday graciously gives us great ideas for stepping away from the computer monitor and embracing the simple, but very special things in life. Then there's that wondrous photographer, Mrs. French who every Thursday shares a little bit of Bliss with y'all. And at long last, there's Molly Watson, our resident expert foodie who on Fridays give us all a few inspiring recipes to try out and impress our friends and family! So, as you can see, you're in very good hands, and I'll see you all back here on Monday, May 18th, bleary-eyed and jet lagged, but oh-so-ready to share a good bit of Britain with you. Pip, pip, be jolly good and I'll miss you!


Wondering Helen said...

This is exciting! Here's wishing you a fabulous trip.

Kelly said...

Have a lovely lovely time!

When you return do you think we could get together for coffee or lunch... I have an new idea fro a project and would love to hear your expert opinion.