Wednesday, June 28

My First Blog

Hi - I like to decorate my apartment...over and over again. I thought I'd share these designs in the hope of possibly inspiring others to surround themselves with their favorite things, mementos and personally satisfying objects d'art. In other words, whatever makes your heart sing. I swear by it - and even if you're broke one week and can't afford an evening out, you'll still be a shiny, happy person 'cause you'll have your very own haven from the big, bad world. And that can only make a better world, right? Everyone shiny and happy, I mean. In my many places over the years (oh, yeah, I also move a lot!) I have never used expensive furniture...usually it's all flea market or yard sale finds, with maybe one or two good pieces thrown in. The pieces people seem to comment on the most are the ones I got for practically nothing. The $5 buffet that was covered in white paint, which I stripped down into a gorgeous art deco show stopper...the elderly Russian man's former shelving for his vast record collection I scored for $50 and turned into my favorite tchochki display and book case. The $10 vintage potato chip rack from a corner store turned into my cookbook/wine rack. With a little inspiration and some imagination, a lot can be done for a very small amount of money. Why don't I just give you some examples? Okay...I will!

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nico said...

oh man, girl, please come do our place ;; your apartment is SO GORGEOUS