Saturday, July 29

Apartment Therapy: everyone needs some now and then.

Have you checked out the San Francisco edition of Apartment Therapy?

"Changing the world, one apartment at a time." - Apartment Therapy

It's relatively new compared to it's big sister-cities, NYC and Chicago, but it's every bit as awesome and growing everyday. It has such a neighborhood feel to it and very much based in reality - real design problems and solutions. There's tours of people's apartments (which is so voyeuristic it's a bit addicting!), culture, art, cooking and lots of fab new products are featured daily. People post their design problems and visitors to the site can comment and help them out with ideas and constructive criticism. It's like having your own interior designer right there on the web, but you get many opinions, not just one. My friend Joni told me about it (thanks, Joni!) and ever since it's been this sort of weird epiphany for me. Their site was an inspiration to me to start sfgirlbybay. I love to write and shoot pix and I really love my home and sharing it with good friends, so the idea of the blog was a perfect fit to combine all three of my passions into one really fun creative outlet. And, now, because of Apartment Therapy, so many good things have come my way and I'm feeling more creatively juiced than I have in a very long time. So thanks again AT for having me and being there - just like any good therapist!

If you didn't happen to catch my apartment on House Tours on AT, you can link to the archive here.


Anonymous said...

I actually found your site through Apartment Therapy's house tours a couple of weeks ago. You have a wonderful blog and great photos!

sfgirlbybay said...

Thanks so much! It's foggy here in SF today, so I'm gonna get crafty. Enjoy your Saturday!

Robin said...

Victoria, thank you so much for commenting on my apt on AT. I clicked through your name and came to this blog, where I realized it was YOUR apt I was totally drooling over a couple weeks ago. I LOVE YOUR STYLE. I am so inspired by your home.

sfgirlbybay said...

Hi Robin -

NO - I love YOUR style! Thanks so's more of an obsession than just decorating, no?

Robin said...

It is truly soooo much more than decorating. An attempt to capture a feeling, perhaps? Of warmth, of nostalgia, of happiness, and so many more things. I've got you on bookmark - so I can see how things in your place progress and change. It is such a fluid, process, making the home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria - It's your cousin Shannon (I signed in as "anonymous" because I didn't have time to sign up as a blogger!). My mom forwarded your e-mail from a couple of weeks ago so I thought I would drop in. I love your apartment! I love how eclectic your taste is and how everything comes together. I am now obsessed with your blog and check in every day to see what's new.



sfgirlbybay said...


Thanks so much - it's really fun! You can email me directly at:

It's easy to start one - you can post family photos etc. Hope all's well with you all. xoxo,