Tuesday, July 18

Does your dwelling need a style do-over?

Something I really love doing is helping friends give their apartments a stylish do-over. Especially when we can do fabulous makeovers for so little money, utilizing the furniture they already have, moving it around and adding to it with inexpensive, unique pieces to create a whole new and improved look. Most of us may be apartment dwellers, but that doesn't mean we can't make a rental all 'yours'. Generic apartment living is just not good enough for anybody. My biggest goal is to reflect my friends' personality in their rooms and make a comfortable and personal living space they'll be happy to be in and proud to share. Life is too short to wait until the day you get to actually buy your own home. Live fabulously. Live now.

My best friend Joni recently moved back to the City from Marin (yeeeah!) and once she got here she thought her furniture was way too big and wouldn't work at all in her cute new place. As we all know, city-living can be cramped on space. She figured she'd need to buy all new stuff.
But, she let me have a go at it and with her help we pushed and pulled all the furniture into an entirely different design layout, one that she said she'd have never thought of on her own. We hung her artwork in groupings that really made the art stand out and look like a fabulous collection. I honestly get a little rush over this. A design buzz, if you will. It's like making my own small contribution the world. Making eye-candy of someone's living space and creating a cool atmosphere for them that they'll love to be in. We all seem to have our niche in life, and this, I think, is mine. The one thing I constantly get asked about, and get a lot of kudos for, is my apartment. I thrive when confronted with a design challenge - it's when I'm at my best, and most creatively fulfilled and certainly most happy.

So, with that said...I am certainly available for apartment pick-me-ups, should yours be feeling a little down. Maybe it's just time for a few tweaks? When was the last time your place had a makeover? I am so happy to help...please, bring it!

Maybe you're just trying to sell your place and make some really big changes in your life, well then a little staging never hurts, which is pretty much what I do. Setting the stage to make the best of what a room has to offer. And if you're ever seeking a cool urban location for your next photo shoot, let me know - I'd be most excited and pleased to be of assistance. It would be a pleasure and an honor.

Here's a few 'before and afters' to give you an idea of potential changes that can made...


Asli said...

Hi Victoria

I found your blog through AT, and must say you have one GREAT place. Your character really shines in all the pieces. I myself also find sooo much inspiration in a well thought out space that reflects ones own character, but sometimes I find it difficult to do it for myself. Just wanted to leave a note to add another kudos to your obvious collection :)
Best, Asli

atomicamy said...

Hi there.

I have been researching apt do-overs and landed on your blog. Saw your pictures at apartment therapy-- amazing! I was specifically looking for apartments in SF too...and found your blog.

Are you available? I am not kidding. I live in Pacific Heights in SF.....I need help.....really bad......!!

You have an amazing eye and my tastes currently is a somewhat bomo look in my place...mixture of mod and antiques....I want to harness this and get some more ideas.....

Again, love your blog!


sfgirlbybay said...

Hi Amy -

Thanks so much! Sure, I would love to help. I can charge a flat consulting fee of $200 where I come over and review your room, make layout suggestions and move things around, and suggest additions to 'funk it up' and personalize it based on what you like. And, I can also shop for you if you like. You can email me directly at:



atomicamy said...

Cool, I will be in touch with you you soon! Sounds great.

Thanks :)