Tuesday, July 25

Nine to Five

A number of you have expressed interest in what it is I *really* do for a living. Although I do have a degree in interior design, a very long story could tell you how I ended up in the madcap world of advertising (yeah, I said madcap. Could have said zany, too). I am lucky enough to be Director of Creative Services and an Art Buyer for an ad agency in San Francisco. It's a sweet place to be everyday and we're right on the water which doesn't suck. I work with uber talented, fun people who create great advertising, are completely un-politically correct and make me laugh all the ding dong day. We all even eat lunch together at the 'big table' most everyday. If that weren't enough, I get to wear flip flops, should I so choose, and bring my dog Cooper to work everyday, as he mostly snores under my desk. So, because it is such a loose and creative environment, I am able to gather and am immersed in a lot of inspiration for design here. Everyday I receive mail abundant with talented photographers' and designers' promo pieces and I love displaying some of my favorite artists and those that spark an idea in me on the walls around my office. It changes out constantly, but here's a sampling of what's up right now. I'm going to try add links for as many artists as I can identify from the mess, and should you need their talents or have any questions, I am happy to help you find them.

So...what inspires you? Wanna share?

Elvis Swift

Katrine Naleid Photography

Marge Ely Photography

Loretta Lux Photography

Tom Bonauro Design

Bill Bettencourt Photography

Esther Pearl Watson Illustrator

Jeff Lipsky Photography

Young Lee Photography

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