Friday, August 25

Dear Urbanistas, Wishes Do Come True.

Somebody's been blowing dandelions into the skies and making all our wishes come true. Urban Outfitters is having a pretty big end of summer blowout sale so I thought I'd pass along some items perhaps you may have been hoping might hit the sale bin. Like most sales, you gotta pick through the simply 'untouchable' to get to the quality stuff, so here's what caught my eye:

Japanese Design Paper Lantern - just $5 bucks! Lovely light!

Patchwork Striped Boudoir Pillow - $9.99 (was $30). Very bohemian, indeed.

Deer Head Wall Art Canvas, 30" x 24" - $14.99 (was $40). I like bringing the great outdoors in.

Sketch Flower Printed Satin Pillow w/contrasting polka-dot backing - another $9.99 special. Trés disco-chic.

And lastly, because perhaps someone was wishing big, this lovely Cage Chandelier is on sale - still a tad pricey, but a significant savings. Now $349.99 (was $548.00!).


sophie said...

I love the paper lantern and this one is really great and original, not like IKEA's ones, seen everywhere. But what i like the most is several paper lantern. Many is better than one.

.:soplador:. said...

...........ah dandelions!