Thursday, August 31

etsy artist: suuskeramiek

I stumbled on some beautiful pottery work by an artist named Suuskeramiek from the Netherlands on etsy today and loved some of her pieces. Her colors are really lovely, the shapes and styles quite modern and since they're made out of stoneware clay, you can put these pottery pieces in the dishwasher and microwave. And her descriptions of each piece are so charming:

"This is a tapas set. To serve all kind of nice little snacks and tapas when you have guests."

"This is a very happy chocolate fondue set for two persons. To have a romantic & sweet dessert put some of your favorite chocolate and a little bit of creme or milk in the fondue bowl and put a tea light in the holder it will melt slowly if you want it to melt faster just put it in the microwave for a few seconds."

"This is a collection of little tapas dishes out of my Flow collection. They are made out of stoneware and come in four color sceams (schemes): orange/red, cream/indian yellow, light mint/medium mint, lilac/purple."

"This is a set of two espresso cups and saucers in stoneware color sceam (scheme): light orange with red. A very colorful set and if you have some other colors you prefer just let me know."

Suuskeramiek says "There is lots more where this comes from. I love to make functional art to enjoy. By looking and using it. Bring a visit to my website. " I think we should take her up on that. She seems so happy to make these things, it's the least we can do to oggle and admire them. Very endearing, indeed.

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