Thursday, August 3

Like Finding a Pearl in an Oyster.

Pearl River in NYC is a great resource for inexpensive and unique furniture and accessories with Asian flare. Luckily, if you don't happen to live in New York, you can order online, too. Here's some fun bargain finds that look like you could have lugged them all the way home from your last trip to China, but don't think any of these wouldn't accent most any style eclectic!

Tortoise Bamboo Bench - with foldable legs for shipping. Available in three sizes: 14" x 39" x 16"; 16" x 49" x16", 18" x 59" x 16"- all under $60.00. This could even work as a coffee table if you had a nice thick piece of glass cut for it. Or place it at the end of your bed to rest extra blankets. Nice!

Round Fern Wicker Waste Basket with Swing Cover - This sleek, yet natural looking waste basket comes in three sizes all under $24.00. The largest one would work as a great laundry hamper as well.

Pastel Color Noodle Bowl - 4-1/2" deep bowls available in three pretty colors: Lilac, Light Green and Light Blue - $9.95 each. I can see my seaweed salad now...

Stainless Steel Lunch Box - I love these round little tins for keeping the small things in your life organized - various sizes all
under $4.00 each.

Sage Green Bamboo Blinds- These come in an abundance of lengths, with width @ 60". Great for wide windows and they come in several natural colors - all sizes under $40.00.

A tour of Pearl River wouldn't be complete without a paper lantern. Here's the Star Lantern in natural white. I like its modern edge. This one's only $4.75 and you can order all the hanging and electrical hardware as well for under $6.50. Go nutty - buy two!

Now paddle on down to Pearl River. Wow, that was a dorky one. I must be tired. Nite!

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