Friday, August 11

Love Lavish.

Lavish in Hayes Valley seems to me to be the store for hip moms and their swell kids. Its got lots of really cute children's gifts, artwork and adorable clothes. But then, for busy moms (and some of us non-moms) it carries all these lovely candles, aromatherapy and soft lounging PJ's. It seems to be saying "Moms, we know it's tough out there. But we're going to help you make your kids look cute, and help you relax and de-stress in style." It's very therapeutic in there! And it smells divine. They carry Lotta Jansdotter totes and accessories, Ugly Dolls and cozy David Fussenegger Blankets, which I have a few of myself. And they feature work by local artists that's really unique. I love the wee, simple block paintings for children and especially covet the sweet bird art for me! They're not quite up online as of yet, but check back soon for Lavish, I think you'll love it.

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atomicamy said...

I used to live a few doors down from there, 2 yrs ago. I lived directly behind True Sake, to be exact.

I heard from another owner from another store on the same street about 6mo back that there was a bunch of break in's going on during the day on Hayes St. Apparently, the poor woman that was working at Lavish one day, got robbed- the guy supposedly locked her in teh back closet and took her ID! This was in broad daylight! Terrible!

So, keep a look out when in those areas-- ya never know.

luv the blog :)