Monday, August 7

Once Upon A Time, There Was Paper.

The once cherished and fine old tradition of handwritten thank you notes, correspondence and invitations and has kind of gone by the wayside in the wake and ease of email. But who doesn't like opening their mailboxes and finding a letter or note card written in real-live, actual handwriting? Paper Source is one of the best resources for just about everything you're seeking to fill your paper needs. If you're looking for fun stationery or creating a custom invitation, special announcement, or even a resume, Paper Source has lovely papers in just about every color under the sun. And all with matching envelopes, pre-cut business cards and note cards. Or, if you're like me, you'll want to mix 'em up - maybe a pale green colored piece of stationery combined with a bright pink envelope - it just might remind your recipients of a cool slice of summer watermelon.

It's also a really cool spot for last minute and unique gifts - they carry unusual art books, journals, ceramics, containers, desk accessories, photo albums...well just about anything made of, or having to do with, paper. And then there's the beautiful abundance of ribbons and gorgeous sheets of paper to wrap them up with. And if you're into rubber stamps, they've got a ton of vintage looking (and new) designs, and funky alphabet letters for making gifts just a bit more personal. I'm not a 'crafter' per se, but I love beautiful papers I can personalize and love to pass them along to friends, especially those far away who I don't see often enough.

They also have weekend and evening workshops, including bookbinding, print making, and a whole lot of custom card and invitation making classes. They're located all over the country and growing fast, but in the meantime if they haven't quite made it to your neighborhood, you can order online. Again, I may be a paper junkie, but I think you could get addicted too. And what would so wrong with sending and receiving a little more of the more personal, welcomed kind of mail?

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Sydney said...

A great store indeed! My fountain pens and I just love it!