Tuesday, August 1

Todd Time: Handmade Modern

Todd Oldham is a personal hero of mine. I first heard about Todd through working with our mutual friend Tom Bonauro, another amazingly talented designer. I worked with Todd and Tom on an AIDS Project L.A. fundraiser, and have been a huge fan ever since. I was finally able to meet the lovely Mr. Oldham in person last year at Book Passage while he was on a speaking tour for his new DIY book Handmade Modern. He spoke to us about the importance of designing 'green', and while it's fun to go out and buy all new things, there's also a great satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment in creating things with your own two hands, and especially with recycled materials you may have laying about. He asked the audience about their own DIY projects and listened intently and with sincerity, even when one gentleman shared how he and his father would construct miniature guillotines to 'mock-behead' the school bullies that had constantly tormented him on the playground. I kid you not. And Todd was as gracious as could be and happily applauded the man's creativity. He was insanely down to earth and encouraged all of us to pursue our creative passions. My friend Casey and I left there feeling motivated and inspired. We also left with his fabulous book and tons of fun ideas for creating inexpensive furniture and home accessories. The book demonstrates the how to's with simple diagrams and step-by-step instructions. It even has a materials shopping list for each project. So, go get your tool belt on...here's a few fine examples:


Malena (formerly anonymous) said...

I love Todd Oldham! Didn't he have a show last year for a short while on the Style Network? I only saw one episode. Thanks for sharing your Todd experience.

sfgirlbybay said...

Hi Malena -

Yes, I think so, and he also had a show on MTV's House of Style called Todd Time. He also has a line at Target, and furniture at Lazy Boy. He's really great - if you ever hear of him speaking somewhere - go! He's really motivating. Glad you enjoyed the blog. Victoria