Sunday, September 3

Five to Seven Servings Per Day.

If you'd like to visit the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace, the biggest tip I could give you would be to get there early. Not that I don't adore people, perhaps just not that many at one time, at such close proximity. How many people can squeeze a tomato or a ripe melon in one day? Here at the busy market, quite a few.

Regardless, it is bellisimo, and reminds me of my visits to the Venice farmer's markets. There are serious foodies here, and then those of us who do love food, but don't take it quite so seriously. I, for one, am a food-lover, but I think sometimes I like looking at it and imagining its taste and how I might serve it, as much as eating it. It's this whole concept of visualizing your life making fabulous dinners from these beautiful foods every darn night that appeals to me, when the truth is, I either don't have the time, nor the expense account to subsidize that lifestyle. I can, however, admire and splurge on occasion, and I often do.

So with all that said, here's a glimpse into the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace. Not only is there an incredible array of fruits and vegetables, but shops that carry beautiful ceramics platters, bowls and dishes to serve them in, olive oils to cook them in and fresh herbs to plant in your garden.

There's also tons of shops that specialize in making your mouth water. The Cowgirl Creamery for the best gourmet cheeses, Hog Island Oyster Co. for not just oysters but the most amazing grilled cheese sandwich & clam chowder soup on this planet, The Slanted Door for delicious Vietnamese food - try the steamed chicken buns at their takeaway window - oh my! Miette's lovely pastries and cupcakes, Scharfenberger's Chocolate, Ciao Bello Gelato....And if perhaps you indulge just a bit too much here and there throughout the marketplace, I think you'll come away with some very good motivation to work it off, walking home up and over the many hills of San Francisco.

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Sydney said...

I was eating a plum I bought at the Ferry Market as I read your tribute to it; loved it, especially the photos.

The Hog Island grilled cheese sandwiches are absolutely sublime, aren't they?