Friday, September 29

Garage Sale Shopping Made Easy.

I mean it. Garage Sale shopping directly from your couch. Meet talented designer Lisa Coris' Online Garage Sale. Lisa has many talents and is Miss Ubër Entrepreneur. Besides being a creative recruiter, jewelry designer, painter and exotic world traveler, she now hosts this Online Garage Sale. She changes it frequently, so I think her motto could be 'one thing in, one thing out'. Lucky for us. Even though I know Lisa, I have unwittingly emailed her at least three times after finding her cool things on an anonymous craiglist posting, only to discover it was her! The girl's got good stuff! Here's some of her latest items.

Intrigued? Check into the rest of Lisa's site to see her unique jewelry collection at Lisa Coris Designs. If you need a necklace, photograph, painting or want to talk about foreign adventures drop her a line. She's somebody you definitely want to know.

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Sydney said...

I was randomly flipping through your links (all so good!) the other day and clicked on Lisa's site. I checked her "garage sale" section and about fell off of the sofa when I saw a chalkboard absolutely identical to one that I had as a child. I'm sure they were probably ubiquitous, but stunning to see 20 years later. A very unexpected trip down memory lane!

I also liked her jewerly!