Wednesday, September 13


Y'all remember Jughead? Archie's dorky comic book sidekick? Well, nevermind, because I used to be a Jughead fan, but now...I'm a Jarhead. I just really love vintage jars. I was thinking about my last post featuring the jars I keep bathroom accessories in and realized I keep a lot of stuff in jars. I sometimes collect so much stuff, it seems to blend in and I forget about it. I find these old jars mostly at flea markets and they're usually quite inexpensive and have fun, unusual shapes. I have one in a clown shape I keep pennies in (hey, a penny a day, and all that!). I've found a few new jars in specialty markets and kitchen supply stores, but I have to say I like the original vintage versions the best. I like a nice rusty, paint-chipped lid.

I have these large old jars I've collected where I keep art supplies, favorite old photographs, business cards and postcards, funky buttons, name anything small and I probably keep it in jars. I just like the way they look, and I can usually find things quickly. One, because there's a method to my madness: I keep like-objects together in separate jars, and two, they're quite obviously clear. So even if you know it's in there somewhere but can't quite find it, shake it around a bit. It'll show up. Like a lovely snow dome of your wee prized possessions.

The other thing I like about these oddly shaped, cool vintage jars are the various kinds of lettering you can find on them that give them added character. Somebody's old pomade hold tomorrow's keepsakes. But mostly what I like about them is that they also serve as an unexpected picture frame. I keep photos and postcards, and little swatches of art, up front in the glass jar - a very nice view inside, indeed. Here's one of mine with an old photograph of my dad holding me as a baby. I love it. Not because it holds precious things of mine, but because I can see the pride in my dad's eyes in this photograph, even way back then. Even if I did grow up to be a junk and jar collector. Thanks, dad. And thanks for the Archie comic books, too, xoxo.

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Funky Finds said...

i love how you put the photos in the front of the jar! very cool. and they're functional photo frames!