Wednesday, September 6

Rock On!

Some of the coolest graphics around come from Concert Poster designers. They're usually really unique, one-of-kind posters designed with a particular artist and musical genre in mind. And they make great, inexpensive artwork for your walls. So, let's say you haven't been to a concert since Fleetwood Mac was really hot. Well, in that case you might want to visit Concert Poster Art, where you can purchase rock concert posters of the not too distant past. Perhaps you'd like to relive a favorite moment from the 80's at The Fillmore? You can probably find it here, too.

But if you're into more contemporary and indy artists, The Small Stakes,
Big Pop Posters and Kangaroo Press are the online places to be. If Beck, Neko Case or Dashboard Confessionals were all sold out in your hometown venue, you're likely to find mementos of their performances on any of these awesome websites. I love concert poster art and have a few scattered about my place: Jonathan Richman with the Dylan Hicks and Nick Luca Trio, and my Hives poster are two favorites. I frame them in my trusty Ikea Ribba Frames and they look great, and the cost is really minimal. Posters range in price from anywhere around $15 to $100, depending on their rarity. But deals are out there for certain. So, go ahead, relive those musical moments of days gone by, or just fantasize about that time you came 'this close' to meeting Elvis Costello backstage at the Greek. Oops, that's MY story...but I'll save that for another time. Wink, wink.


Lorena Siminovich said...

also check out my friend Grady: for nice concert posters, he just did the Stern grove festival one.

Gabby said...

These are great, I love them all!