Wednesday, October 11

Channel Your Inner Sanford & Son.

I was looking for something else on the web today when I accidentally stumbled on to this great online resource, the Salvage Yard List. Compiled by Berkeley's Ohmega Salvage, it's a pretty extensive list of salvage yards all over the bay area. I love a good salvage yard! And with the bay area's history of gorgeous architecture, there is a boundless supply of unique finds. You can find vintage doors and old iron gates, great for making headboards when placed horizontally above the bed. Or add a cool base and you've got a coffee table you won't see anywhere else. This is a look at Ohmega Salvage's current inventory.

There's lovely old glass & brass doorknobs, garden furniture, even old sinks and bathtubs. And a lovely supply of old chandeliers and vintage lamp covers.

If you're looking for architectural features from the past, this is a good list to have. Most salvage yards usually have a good stock of old fireplace mantels on hand, too. Even if you haven't got a working fireplace, a mantel can be a great focal point to add to a room - just add candles. All of it, awesome junk galore.

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