Thursday, November 16

I'm seeing spots.

Modernseed has this mod new line of moveable wall graphic stickers called Freckles. They're made with a low tack adhesive that can be removed and reused without damaging wood or painted walls. Perfect for apartments, where you often don't have the luxury of painting. Freckles gives you the ability to create your own environments with a very simple and clean graphic. Freckles can also be colored with crayons or cut with scissors to make more customized designs.

I think the white polka-dots look great against the wood paneling. Or maybe a pastel wall in a bath or bedroom could be fun. They'd even be a great way to add personality to a dull hallway or foyer.

Each kit of freckles includes 40 white dots of varying sizes ranging from 10", 7.5", 5", 3" and 1/25".

There's also another kit called DottiLicious, which contains 80 dots of various sizes and colors including: robins egg blue, light pink, dark pink, ocean blue, wheat, chocolate and apple green. They too are made of printed vinyl with a low tack adhesive that can be placed, layered, removed and reused without damaging paint. They could also be combined with Freckles stickers for more customization. If you have problems with commitment - these are the dots for you.


CeLee said...

i love wall stickers - it's an inexpensive way to dress up blank walls. they are not only for just kids but i've actually integrated them into my home. I purchased these from Modern Seed as well:

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I have been deliberating whether to buy these in white since forever. They are so great!