Wednesday, November 1

Once upon a time in San Francisco...

There lived a newlywed couple named Eszter & Dan. They lived in a charming home on a lovely hill in Noe Valley. Since moving in to their charming home they've somehow managed to make it even more charming. And incredibly welcoming.

With Eszter's eye for vintage modern, and Dan's ability to carry vintage modern upstairs, a beautiful, shining home came to be. Eszter & Dan decorated their home with favorite books (lots of them), meaningful family mementos and one-of-a-kind works of art. Some of the art came from flea markets, but more often the case, it came from talented friends. Like ceramics from Diana Fayt and embroidered works of art from The Beholder's talented Katja Ollendorff.

Not only do Eszter & Dan have a cozy and welcoming, art-filled home, there's also a magical secret garage. A secret place where amazing works of Eszter's own art come to be. For this is the home of Emma Rose Papery, where Eszter creates her gorgeous letterpress printed, custom-designed wedding invitations, stationery and cards, including the new line of holiday cards I shared with you earlier this week. So take a peak into a real fairy's really a wonderful story. And an amazing home.

These lovely photographs are courtesy of photographer Angie Cao.


Funky Finds said...

fabulous space!

Sydney said...

Your place is way better than this one is!

a-m said...

i especially love the corner with all of the little prints. i've got a bunch saved up in a drawer and have been debating how to display them. this provides much-needed inspiration to get my own prints up on the wall already!

the rest of the place is also so simple (not overdone) yet special (with all the personal touches).