Monday, November 27

Too Cool. Had to Share.

I was browsing some of my favorite blogs tonight when I came across this amazing poster. What great design!

Shannon Lowry explains the idea behind the poster on her blog, "The Stitch Fashion Show and Guerrilla Craft Bazaar is an annual celebration of independent design, artistry and creativity. The idea was born when four austin designers (Jesse Kelly - Landes of Amet and Sasha, Tina Sparkles of Sparkle Craft, Karly Hand of Identity Crisis Clothing and Jennifer Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club) joined forces to create a forum to show their designs, the women took it upon themselves to establish Stitch." Cool, ladies.

The show was on the 11th in Austin, Texas. As a fellow knitter, I wish I'd been in Austin to see it (and to visit my good friend Annie!). Looks like Stitch's site is just as cool as the poster. Thanks for sharing Shannon. Maybe you or someone from Stitch can confirm who the talented designer is behind this great poster.


m in austin said...

So nice to see something from Austin! I recognized the poster, but did not attend the event nor can I identify the artist. But thanks for sharing, Victoria.

shannon said...

I've been busy getting ready for a studio tour I'm in this weekend and have fallen behind in my blog reading. What a surprise to see my name on yours! I'll find out who did the design and get back to ya.

Anonymous said...

Bryan Keplesky did the poster. His stuff is dreamy.

Naughty Secretary Club said...

Hey there Shannon just pointed me to your blog I was just about to say the same thing as anonymous about Bryan. He did our poster, program and postcards. He is amazing Austin artist and one of the dudes behind Misprint Magazine. Thanks for writing about Stitch.