Tuesday, December 19

Calgary Cool.

Who knew those folks up in Calgary were so cool? I mean, I've always loved the music of K.D. Lang and an old fashioned rodeo is a heck of a real good time, but there's nothing quite like Calgary's 10 Cent Designer. I discovered 10 Cent on flicker and I don't even remember how. But I'm pretty sure it must have been that I noticed her wicked sense of humor combined with her excellent taste. I love someone a tad wacky that knows good design!

Lori Andrews, (AKA The 10 Cent Designer) is a Calgary-based interior designer with both wit and talent, quite evident in her excellent photography. Not only does she design a clean, modern room but she also seems to include a touch of humor to her spaces. Lori's a a talented artist, designer and photographer that never seems to forget how to have fun. This girl's right brain is working hard, but making it look easy.

I'm about to share a tour of 10 Cent's fabulous 1908 home with you, but if this isn't enough, you can view and gain much more inspiration from Lori's work in her clients' homes shown on flickr. And if all that's not enough, she also knows how to sew a mean sock monkey which she dignifies with the most righteous and well thought out names, so be sure and take a look at those, too. Thanks for sharing your fabulous home, your talent and your very contagious sense of spirit, Lori.

And, look...even her guest loft is cozy and cool. I may need to head up North soon. When does that rodeo come to town?

Post Script:
I just remembered, this was the first photo I admired of 10 Cent's. See what I mean?


sleepwlkngparody said...

i've never seen a floor like that,
that first picture, the whole room,
really appreciate you posting the pics.
looks excellent

The Windows Shopper said...

Loved your commentary! The Calgary Stampede is in early July, but year-round what really attracts people to the area is the proximity to the mountains. She certainly does have an awesome space, and I love how she, like yourself, shares it for all of us to enjoy and be inspired by.

** Terramia ** said...

Yes, Canadians have style. Even them Prairie folk.. (teehee)

Meander on up to a Canada to see a cornucopia of style... eh. (:


I've viewed the space before.. truly stunning.

sfgirlbybay said...

Of course Canadians have style - afterall my parents are from Toronto!

kiminottawa said...

I didn't know she was from Calgary. COOL. Or that your folks were from TO. :) Gotta love them Canadians!