Monday, December 11

Every Sunday...The Alemany Flea Market

If the Alameda is, say, the Marc Jacobs of flea markets, then I guess I think of the Alemany Flea Market as the KMart version. If compared to the much larger and cooler Alameda Flea Market across the Bay Bridge, Alemany is smaller and its inventory not as pricey, nor as fancy.

Not only is it smaller, it also can be a bit chancy. I don't always find something fantastic, but I always have a good time perusing the aisles of the wacky items that often just make me ask, "why?" I really like going to Alemany because if I don't expect too much, I'll usually stumble upon something great. I've found some wonderful things here - super cheap rattan vintage modern chairs, a pink, very 'Doris Day' cashmere coat, a mid-century credenza, dishes, cruiser bikes, lamps, jewelry, and funky old paintings. There's lot of kitschy, eclectic knick-knacks and collectibles, you've just got to keep your eyes out for the good stuff.

If you're handy and can re-upholster or refinish, Alemany is a good place for you. There are lots of pieces in need of recovering, or refinishing, so with a bit of work you can turn someone else's unwanted, yet inexpensive junk into a magical find you'll be proud to have in your home. Just think of the bragging you can do about how you got it for such a steal.

If I'm craving a flea market fix, it's also a quick remedy for me, because Alemany is held every single Sunday, rain or shine. And, maybe best of all, it's a free day of entertainment whether you find treasure or not, because there's no cover charge. Located where the 101 Freeway meets the 280, it's tucked into an old shooting range at the base of Bernal Heights, just off Alemany Boulevard. Get there early for the good stuff; open 8am to 3pm, Sundays.


cruststation said...

Oohh, I love flea markets. I can see some cool stuff just by looking at your pictures. I would love that croquet set, the mod retro chairs with the yellow cushions, the kitsch plastic dolls and bowls look great too. Would make for a fantastic day out.

marielle said...

I'm going to have to plan on visiting that one next time I'm up there. It looks like the flea market of my dreams!

love.boxes said...

Love the bowls and the green ceramic stuff, wish I could go there, but it's quite a hike from Utah! :)

sfgirlbybay said...

I think I'll do some research and get a list of great flea markets across the country and do a post for all of you!

CeLee said...

wow - didn't know that this was in the bay area. thanks for the heads-up. here's something that i just finished this weekend on one of my craigslist finds :)