Saturday, December 2

Loft Envy.

I sometimes really fantasize about owning a loft. They seem like great empty shells just begging for a new personality and I'd love to take on that challenge. Perhaps one day. After the next big San Francisco earthquake when prices plummet again. Sorry, didn't mean that.

I saw this New York loft in the Fresh New Spaces group on Flickr. The bookshelves caught my eye, because that's another thing I covet - floor to ceiling bookcases. I certainly have the books to fill one. I suppose that's a good start.

I also loved their beautiful long dining room table and had visions of fun little New York dinner soirees. But sadly I guess these folks had to leave their lovely loft behind and cross the pond. Where, clearly their life is just in shambles. Pity, that. No, wait, look, they've got the bloody bookshelves again. And the table! Errrr. I'd love to despise this lucky lot, but they have much too good taste for that.

All photos courtesy of John Curran.


** Terramia ** said...

I, too, fancy lofts.

Talk about a space to have fun with... a blank canvas if you will.
Thanks for finding and sharing these luscious shots...

Peace /t

holly said...

i love this look. i want to do the shelves. rigt now.